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Canopy Launches Rep Interface!

Need to Drive Productivity & Data Hygiene? Ensure managers and sellers are on the same page? Canopy's Rep Interface does both by closing the gap between sellers and managers. Ensuring your team is operating at its highest potential. Read on to learn more or connect with us today.


One Platform. Every Answer.


Real-time awareness through active data monitoring, notifications, and custom goal tracking.


Streamline your forecasting process while monitoring and measuring variance to drive constant improvement.


Drive productivity and results through individual assessments, improvement tracking, and notes.


Answer key questions around trends, risks, and past performance through snapshot reporting for any period and any subset of data.


How can Canopy help you?

Revenue Leadership
Revenue Leadership
Gain the visibility needed to confidently call your business while keeping your managers focused on what matters most.
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Sales & Revenue Ops
Sales & Revenue Ops
Reduce the manual analysis and focus on the bigger picture. Provide your teams with the answers they need in real-time.
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Enablement & Productivity
Enablement & Productivity
Identify the key opportunities for improvement and measure the ROI of every initiative you roll out.
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Frontline Sales Manager
Frontline Sales Manager
Stop playing from behind and proactively drive every sellers productivity and revenue attainment.
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Canopy Launches Rep Interface

Aligning the Entire Revenue Org

When we first set out to build Canopy our primary focus was on providing frontline managers with the answers and insights they needed to be proactive and to drive consistent improvement for every seller on their team. We saw the need that frontline managers, who truly have the hardest job in sales, have for better tools and support. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that a manager’s job has only gotten more difficult. When it gets harder for a salesperson to sell, it gets harder for a manager to manage. 

We not only need to support managers but we need to close the gap between sellers and managers. Alignment between these two roles is paramount to a successful revenue organization. Our clients have defined this in a number of ways but we can boil it down to three key points: Engagement, Accountability, and Transparency. 

Achieving all three means giving sellers a better way to share information, update opportunities, and visualize their own performance. By closing this gap, teams can accelerate their productivity whether in a remote environment or, one day, back in an office.

Speed & Engagement 

Speed is so important in today’s selling environment. With this release, sellers will now be able to update all of their opportunities in seconds, receive real-time notifications and signals around deal management, pipeline health and their own performance, drastically increasing individual productivity and data hygiene. 

Especially with teams being remote, it’s incredibly difficult to keep sellers engaged and the competition of selling alive. Through the rep scorecard, sellers can now see the key metrics they are being measured on and have complete awareness of their performance, driving higher engagement and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. With remote and co-located teams there has never been a more important time to keep sellers engaged, teams competing and increasing their overall speed and productivity. 

Manager & Seller Alignment

Our frontline managers are the execution layer for all revenue operations. Any strategic change or new initiative is driven by frontline leaders, so it’s imperative every seller and manager are fully aligned on the objectives and leading indicators that drive success. 

Most managers have 8 or more sellers on their teams. This creates massive amounts of additional work and time for managers to plan and prepare for each seller’s conversation and coaching session. Canopy now empowers managers and sellers to conduct streamlined deal reviews and 1:1’s in the same environment. 

No more wasted time and back and forth that comes with doing these processes manually. We are giving managers complete visibility into what is moving and changing on a day-to-day basis. This type of alignment drives huge gains in individual seller attainment and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. 

Transparency & Data Integrity

The most common challenges we have heard from revenue operations teams revolve around data hygiene and integrity. This problem has only increased due to frontline managers and sellers being thrown into remote environments attempting to stay connected and on track. 

Canopy’s Rep Interface closes this gap. By providing sellers with risk awareness through signals, and the ability to update deals in seconds, we can now provide sales and revenue operations leaders with the data hygiene they require. This also enables senior revenue leaders with the ability to see up and down the chain of command, forecast future periods, and be notified of risks in the pipeline before it’s too late. Keeping them connected not only at a pipeline level but at a performance level as well. 

Flexibility: Our Rep Interface is Optional 

When we first built Canopy we believed that there were already too many tools at a seller level. If you also believe this to be true, you’re in luck! Unlike most platforms in the space, the rep interface is optional. Clients who believe they have the right tools in place for sellers to update deals and understand their performance can leverage Canopy without the rep interface. 

Additionally, if a staggered rollout is preferable, clients can add on the rep interface at any point. We can plan for this during implementation or whenever the time is right. Our goal is to meet clients exactly where they are. Canopy aligns with your needs, not the other way around. 

We are incredibly excited about this next chapter and all that it can bring to support our clients and continue to evolve the Revenue Intelligence space!

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