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Our Story

Built by Revenue Leaders, for Revenue Leaders

When you’ve spent what seems like years of your life buried in spreadsheet after spreadsheet trying to find the answers needed to drive revenue forward at some point you stop and think, how is this still a thing? That question was the catalyst that drove our founders to find a new way.

Canopy looks at sales data differently. We believe action is the most important driver of success. Frontline sales managers need answers they can act on, not overly complicated dashboards they can’t use or understand. Revenue Operations teams need the ability to drive and measure results at every level of the organization. While our senior revenue leaders need 360 degree visibility to drive data-driven decision making and accurate forecasting. Canopy is on a mission to empower frontline sales managers, revenue operations teams, and senior leaders with the answers they need to be proactive, prioritize their time, and confidently drive top-line revenue growth across their entire organization.

Meet our Founders

Patrick Rogers

Co-Founder and CEO

As a sales leader there is nothing more frustrating than living in a reactive state. It drove me crazy. Over the course of my career I’ve worked with hundreds of companies, revenue leaders, and colleagues all trying to identify the lever that will propel growth. Yet we were all looking in the rearview mirror. We waste incredible amounts of time and money trying to connect disconnected data and assess what’s happened in the past. There was no way to be proactive, keep frontline managers focused, or prioritize what was important today. Enough was enough. We built Canopy to give frontline managers the ability to be proactive, become data-driven coaches, and provide revenue operations teams and senior leaders with the real-time visibility they need to identify risk, accurately forecast their business, and drive top-line growth like never before.

Adam Cuzzort

Co-Founder and CTO

My passion is building products that help people achieve their very best. Having spent years in the cloud collaboration space building solutions for global, distributed teams, I saw firsthand how great technology can amplify the value of each individual on a team. It’s our goal with Canopy to bring that same amplifying effect to sales and operations leaders. Often some of the busiest, yet most critical individuals, they are responsible for the lifeblood of their organization. Canopy is built for them. We’re empowering them with deep technology like AI, machine learning, statistics and visualizations, but doing it in a way that is automated and curated for each organization and leader. That’s our mission--make sales data smarter, because we’re not getting any less busy.

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