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Full-Funnel Revenue Analysis

Evaluating the movement of your pipeline, forecasting accuracy, and top-of funnel conversion shouldn't be a mind numbing exercise. Canopy changes the way we view data. You have questions, we have the answers. Instantly view data from any point-in-time, add filters across any object or data point, and understand the true outcomes impacting your revenue teams.


Every Answer at Your Fingertips

Point-in-Time Review

History matters. Historic trends, results and growth are all impacted by the changes and pivots we make over time. Not having access to this data leads to poor decision making. Canopy transforms the changes made in the past to useable snapshots in time. Ensuring you can review any custom time window and compare results to today’s trends. Giving you full control over your data.

Zoom-In on Any Data Point

CRM’s have become overly complicated and disconnected. Through data transformation Canopy reconnects your data creating what we like to call the “DVR” of revenue. Allowing users to easily filter down on any field that lives in your database. Zoom in on account attributes, decision maker titles and any custom or standard field across any object. Giving you the power to answer any revenue question.

Track Accuracy, Variance & Outcomes

Whether you are viewing stage by stage or forecast categories Canopy will show you where you started and where you finished. Ensuring you can pinpoint slippage, forecasting variance and conversion rates across any data point from any time window. No matter the speed of your sales process Canopy provides a detailed view into how your pipeline moves over time.

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