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Revenue Leadership
Revenue Leadership
Gain the visibility needed to confidently call your business while keeping your managers focused on what matters most.
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Sales & Revenue Ops
Sales & Revenue Ops
Reduce the manual analysis and focus on the bigger picture. Provide your teams with the answers they need in real-time.
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Enablement & Productivity
Enablement & Productivity
Identify the key opportunities for improvement and measure the ROI of every initiative you roll out.
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Frontline Sales Manager
Frontline Sales Manager
Stop playing from behind and proactively drive every sellers productivity and revenue attainment.
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How to Be a Great Sales Manager

For those who have been in sales for a while, they might be looking at a promotion to a sales manager in the near future. Even though this is an exciting opportunity, working as a sales manager is very different than working as a salesperson. For those who might not know, a sales manager’s definition is a professional who is responsible for managing various accounts, sales professionals, and clients, ensuring that their needs are met while also achieving the company’s sales and growth targets. Therefore, it is critical for everyone to know what a sales manager does and how they can do this job to the best of their ability. This is why it is important to take a look at a basic sales manager job description.

When looking at an equipment sales manager job description or a project sales manager job description, everyone can learn more about a sales manager’s daily routine. Some of the most important responsibilities of a sales manager include:

  • The sales manager is responsible for helping the company hit its sales targets by successfully taking care of the sales team as a whole
  • The sales manager is responsible for placing the individual members of the sales team in a position to be successful by matching them with the right clients based on their skills and personalities
  • The sales manager is also responsible for recruiting new sales professionals, setting the right objectives, coaching sales professionals, and monitoring the performance of each individual representative of the sales team
  • The sales manager is also responsible for setting up and implementing a sales plan that expands the customer base of the company, ensuring that it has a strong position in the market overall
  • The sales manager is also responsible for strengthening the relationships the company has with its customers, ensuring the company is able to meet the needs of each of its clients

Everyone wants to do their job well, which is why it is important to improve the basic sales management skills and competencies. By understanding, working, and improving on the fundamentals of sales management, everyone can be the best sales manager possible. This is where reading sales leadership articles can be helpful. Those who strive to improve every day as a sales manager will place themselves in the best position possible to be successful. 

Being A Great Sales Manager

When it comes to being a great sales manager, it is important to understand the skills and qualifications that great sales managers often have. Some of the most important qualifications that most sales managers are going to have include:

  • Most sales managers have either a BS or MS degree in a field such as business administration, economics, or something similar
  • A sales manager usually has experience in the field as a sales representative or a sales manager and has shown an ability to consistently exceed target goals
  • A great sales manager will also be committed to continuously improving himself or herself by attending conferences, workshops, and seminars

When looking at the typical day of a sales manager, this is going to involve a lot of meetings with the sales team and clients, looking for ways to make sure the company has a strong presence in the target market. When looking at regional sales manager interview questions, it is important to think about the 10 management skills that make the best sales manager. For those wondering how to be a great sales manager, a few of the most important attributes include:

  • A sales manager should have a strong ability to communicate effectively with executives, sales team members, and clients
  • A sales manager should be able to influence clients and sales representatives in an effective way, ensuring they get the most out of their team
  • A sales manager should have the proven ability to push the sales process forward, consistently closing on deals
  • A sales manager should also have a high level of expertise in the industry, allowing them to discuss their products and services in an intelligent, nuanced, and detailed manner
  • A sales manager also has to have exceptional coaching and people skills, as he or she is going to be responsible for training the next wave of sales professionals

These are a few of the most important skills that every sales manager has to have. It is important to note that a great sales manager is always looking to get better. This is more of a journey instead of a destination and all sales managers have ways they can improve.

Examples of Great Sales Leaders

For those who are looking for the top successful sales manager traits, it is a good idea to turn to the best sales manager in the world for advice. The best sales managers share a few common traits, so it is critical for everyone to turn to them for inspiration. A few examples include:

  • Jill Konrath: Jill Konrath has had a long-lasting career as a sales consultant, trainer, speaker, and author. For her, being a great sales manager is not about reading a book or getting involved in a training program. It is about changing the mindset of the sales manager. For those who want to be successful, they have to have the right mindset. Look at failures as learning experiences and use them as motivation to get better and improve daily. 
  • Grant Cardone: Grant Cardone is one of the top sales managers and consultants in the world. He has published several books on the right sales manager qualifications. He believes that those who want to succeed in the world as a sales manager need to invest in their own education. Instead of giving up, find ways to get better. To be a great sales manager, people have to be willing to invest in themselves in order to improve what they do.
  • Trish Bertuzzi: Trish Bertuzzi is a top-selling author, sales consultant, and speaker. Those who want to succeed should listen to her, as she has more than three decades of experience and has helped more than 300 brands rise to the top through her company, called The Bridge Group. She encourages people to hire a coach to help them improve their sales manager skills. Working with the right coach can help people capitalize on their strengths and conceal their weaknesses.

These are a few of the top tips that everyone should follow when it comes to how to be an effective sales manager. Listening to those who have had success in this field is critical. 

What You Should Avoid as A Sales Manager

When it comes to being a great sales manager, it is important to take note of not only the best sales manager skills but also where they might make mistakes. While making sure that sales managers stand out can be helpful, some of the most important skills of a modern sales manager involve making sure that mistakes are not made as well. When it comes to how to manage a sales team, there are a few common mistakes that sales managers often make. 

First, sales managers often make the mistake of continuing to sell. It is no longer the job of the sales manager to keep selling. Instead, the sales manager’s job is to manage. They are responsible for making sure that their individual team members have been placed in a position to be successful. They are responsible for training, not selling.

Second, sales managers often end up trying to fix everyone’s problems instead of coaching them to improve. If sales managers spend their days correcting people’s problems, they are not going to train their representatives to fix them on their own. Instead of fixing their problems, sales managers should be training their team members on how to fix these issues themselves.

Third, sales managers often spend too much time talking. Yes, as a sales representative, there is a lot of talking going on; however, sales managers have changed. They have received a promotion. Therefore, instead of talking all the time, it is a good idea to listen. Then, based on what information is shared, sales managers can be pithy, quick, and to the point.

Finally, sales managers often have a lot of demands on their time. They might be so busy that sales managers often do not have the time to do sales forecasting or sales coaching. This can be a serious issue, as this is an important part of their job. As a result, this doesn’t allow them the time to have accurate data for their team, which can make their job more difficult. The good news is that there is a way around this with the right software. 

Software To Help Sales Managers

When it comes to the sales manager role, it is important to find software that is going to address the sales fundamentals and place sales managers in a position to be successful. Using software that will focus on areas of development for sales managers will highlight the importance of sales managers and this is where can be helpful. 

When it comes to, there are several major advantages that sales managers are going to enjoy. These include:

  • Save Time: One of the major advantages of using is that this can save people time. When sales managers use, they are going to spend less time calculating data and crunching numbers. Instead, they will spend more time analyzing trends and generating actionable information they can use to improve their time.
  • Improve Accuracy: can also help sales managers because the data will be more accurate. With quick, rapid data points that sales managers can use, they can instantly spot trends with accurate data, using this to make the right decisions for their sales teams. 
  • Be proactive Finally, can help sales managers be more proactive. Because Canopy actively monitors what is going on with the sales team, sales managers are going to have their data delivered right to them, allowing them to remain ahead. With individual scorecards, sales managers can make sure that nothing falls through the cracks as they take control of their team’s performance.

With, sales managers will be placed in a position to be successful, improving their performance. 

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