Software for Sales Managers

Implementation & Pricing

At Canopy we believe in simplicity. Everything we do is focused on making our clients lives easier and more productive. Which is why we completely rethought how we implement and engage with our clients and partners. Read on to learn more about our “no-change” implementation and value driven pricing model.


Get Started in Days, Not Months

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting
Most providers require clients to adapt to their technology. Forcing major changes, long implementations, and costly conversions. We’ve been there and felt the pain. That is why we fundamentally changed how we interact with your data. Our AI driven implementation process allows Canopy to ingest your data and automatically map what matters. We transform data in our application ensuring you don’t have to change a single thing in your environment.
Map any custom object or field
Complete access to all data
Faster Time-to-Value


Pricing That Makes Sense

Leaders Drive Results
Canopy provides value at every level of the organization. Our goal is to drive true ROI across your business. We believe it is your frontline managers, revenue operations teams, and senior revenue leaders that drive results. That is why we have aligned our pricing model to these roles. You will never pay for a sales rep, customer success rep, or development rep. Incremental results are driven by leaders. Let’s discuss how we can drive results with your team today!

Ready to bring science to the art of forecasting?

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