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Revenue Leadership
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Sales & Revenue Ops
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Enablement & Productivity
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Frontline Sales Manager
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Leading A Sales Team To Success

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How Do I Manage a Sales Team?

A sales manager position can be a very stressful job. From managing your team to ensuring customers are happy, there can be a lot to worry about. Luckily, there are sales manager professionals out there who have spent decades in the industry. By understanding the tips and suggestions from these experts, you can work towards making improvements as a sales manager to become the best leader you can be.

How to manage a sales team

Managing a sales team can look very different from one industry to the next. However, any great sales team starts with solid teamwork. If you have your colleagues back and they have yours, then your job gets that much easier. Having the ability to bring your team together is a great skill to have as a sales manager.

What makes a good salesperson?

A good salesperson is one who is knowledgeable, respectful, and knows how to communicate effectively. If you can’t engage with the customer and connect with them, then closing a sale may be difficult. Another great salesperson is one who fights through adversity. Sure, things may not always go according to plan, but learning through it and growing can go a long way.

How to build a successful sales team

Building a successful sales team starts with finding like-minded people who are focused on the collective goals of the group. These experts should be smart, respectful, and have the ability to communicate at a high level.

How to get your sales team performing

While many sales teams work differently, all of them strive to boost performance. One way to do that is to have a formal, documented, process that allows leadership to determine current challenges, and then works through those to make improvements. You can only improve things you can identify and measure first. 

How to build a sales team structure

A sales team structure can take many forms, but it typically begins with one leader with sales reps below them. As teams grow senior leaders will have managers below them, with sales representatives reporting to these managers. To build the right team structure, you’ll want to think about your target audience and how much work you’ll have on the table for your team.

Building a sales team Powerpoint

Luckily, you can do a quick Google search to find tons of Powerpoint documents that dive into how to build the perfect sales team. If you need help with the structure, be sure to do thorough research beforehand.

How to build a winning sales team

Building a winning sales team starts with finding the right people. Your team is everything in sales and it is this talent that will drive success. The second step is to ensure you have a repeatable and measurable process that the entire team can adapt and understand. This ensures you are consistently driving results and improving any weaknesses your team may encounter. Lastly, by selecting the right people you will have a team focused on the same goals. While your team may compete with one another to top the sales charts, you should always work together to solve problems as a team.

What is My Action Plan?

A huge element of a sales team involves making goals. But more than that, it involves tracking performance throughout the year and assessing if those goals were met. This involves something called an action plan.

Action plan definition

A sales action plan essentially sets sales goals for the team. While the main use is to project potential revenue, it also acts as a form of motivation. If a manager ever notices their sales team not performing, they can look at the goals and determine where the performance stacks up.

Action plan to improve sales performance

Out of the many goals of a sales action plan, a big reason these plans are made is that they are used to improve sales performance. They are designed to push a sales team to reach their full potential. And if they are underperforming, these plans help to hold the team accountable.

Sales team strategy

No matter what industry your sales team resides in, you’ll always want to create a sales strategy. To have the highest level of success, it’s smart to build separate strategies for different elements of the sales process. For example, you may have a strategy to reach more customers. In addition, you may have a strategy to improve sales conversion rates. Whether you want to learn how to build a B2B sales team or a B2C sales team, developing sales strategies is essential.

Sales support activities

Sometimes, a sales team is only as good as the sales support team. When developing an action plan, the support team should always be part of the equation. These experts help to gain leads, market to new clients and even help the sales team communicate with customers.

Sales team growth strategy

As we mentioned how a sales team should have multiple strategies, a sales team growth strategy should certainly be one of them. However, this only applies to organizations looking to grow their team. For the most part, sales departments are always looking to grow revenue, which usually means adding more sales team members. Given its importance, a growth strategy should always be mentioned in an action plan. But one other factor involves how this strategy could relate to improving, or growing, the sales team rather than bringing in new sales experts. Part of this strategy should also include what happens if there is a salesperson not performing at a high level.

How Do I Motivate My Team?

While there can be many challenges in a sales manager position, keeping your team motivated is near the top of the list. From a sales team underperforming to a slow market for one reason or another, sales can drop due to many reasons. To help move past these difficult times, it takes a top-notch leader.

Motivational speech for sales team

One way to fire up your sales team is to consistently make motivational speeches. While some of us are better at speeches than others, it can really do wonders for boosting the spirits of your sales team. If you see an unmotivated sales team, then you’ll probably notice a lot of negativity around the sales floor. While it may not be instant, that negativity can ultimately lead to a drop in sales.

How to motivate a sales team when sales are down

It really takes a great sales leader to get a team out of the trenches. If you ever need to motivate your sales team when sales are down, it’s best to focus on the positives. Focus on what your team is doing right and where improvements can be made.

Motivate sales team email sample

Another way to boost your team’s spirit is to send them motivational emails. These can work in addition to the motivation speeches to really keep your team focused and positive. Need help with these emails? Luckily, there are tons of email samples out there that can provide great inspiration.

How to support sales team

When things are tough, your sales team needs your support more than ever. They count on you to lift their spirits and to find solutions to problems. To offer the best support you can, repetition is key. You must repeatedly keep everyone focused on the goals of the organization, and you also must repeatedly try to make improvements wherever possible.

To provide even more assistance in this regard, it may be smart to research a ‘how to motivate sales team ppt.’ Experts have created tons of resources that cover this topic. There are resources out there that also cover: motivational presentation for sales team ppt, how to motivate sales team without money, and the best motivational stories for sales team success.

What Are The Habits of a Successful Sales Manager

If you really want to be the absolute best sales manager you can be, you’ll want to continuously create habits that are geared towards this goal.

Habits of top sales performers

While the best sales managers can vary per industry, there are some common traits that these experts share. For one, the top sales professionals always find the best sales team members for the job. They find candidates who know how to succeed and know how to improve sales productivity. Additionally, the best sales managers in the world have the following skills:

  • They know how to sell
  • They can inspire their team
  • They cultivate a successful culture
  • They design a process
  • They are constantly measuring performance

If you want to learn how to improve your sales team, then focusing on developing the skills above is a great start.

What makes a successful sales team?

It’s important to understand the elements that make up a successful sales team. Take a look at some common characteristics of the world’s most successful sales teams:

  • Regular communication
  • Always following up with clients
  • Constantly using metrics and data
  • Focused on performance
  • Focused on retention
  • Being flexible
  • Being resourceful

As these traits help make up an amazing sales team, it’s also up to the manager to continue to learn about the leading sales team management tips out there.

Habits of successful sales professionals

Another habit of a great sales manager is that they continuously forecast sales. There must be a manager who can effectively project what’s to come and how the future looks. And with the abundance of sales forecasting software on the market today, forecasting is easier than ever.

The art of managing a sales team involves having the support required for sales, knowing how to fix a sales team issue, and understanding the strengths of a sales team. Understanding the strength of the sales team and where improvements can be made can ultimately lead to a successful team for many years to come.

Software To Help Successful Sales Teams

As forecasting software is an important element for any sales manager, it’s vital to find software that’s best suited for your needs. That’s where Canopy is here to help!

Canopy is built for revenue leaders looking for detailed, reliable sales forecasting solutions. The platform uses active deal monitoring, bottoms-up forecasting workflows, and AI & ML driven statistical models to provide tons of resources for sales managers to effectively forecast.

Sales support team structure

Another benefit of using Canopy is that they can make your team that much better. The platform helps your team by supplying the following:

  • Individualized Scorecards
  • Team Level Comparisons
  • Drive Accountability & Accuracy
  • Custom KPI Monitoring
  • 1:1 Note Taking

Whether you’re looking for how to make a sales team more productive or how to manage underperforming sales reps, this platform can be very valuable.

Leading a sales team to success

Canopy is focused on creating the best sales managers and the best sales team in the world. The organization understands the importance of sales support and makes the platform easy to use for everyone.

If you need additional help with your sales team, look up how to improve sales performance ppt, how to manage a sales team pdf, and be sure to contact if you have any questions!

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