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Revenue Leadership
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Sales & Revenue Ops
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Enablement & Productivity
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Frontline Sales Manager
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Motivational Sales Meeting Ideas

Not many people like meetings, or at least they don’t look forward to them.  People feel like there are other things to do, rather than attend a meeting, that makes more productive use of their time.  However, there is little doubt that meetings are often a requirement to running a successful business.  Meetings allow people to learn the same things at the same time: goals, new ideas, get motivated.  It is the job of the sales manager to have meetings to share important information, but to also ensure that each of those meetings is useful to everyone in attendance. 

One of the more valuable parts of a meeting is ensuring that people are motivated about their jobs and in working to fulfill their goals.  There are things that successful sales managers can do to ensure that their sales team is not only paying attention and focused during meetings, but that they will leave the meeting more motivated than when they went into the meeting.  There are strategies that most, if not all successfully motivational meetings will have in common.

Motivational Sales Meeting Ideas

  1.  Make sure everyone, even the most hardened and independent members of the team, feel that they are part of a team of collaborators.  This includes any distance, real or perceived, between the boss and the rest of the team when discussing ways to increase sells. Sometimes people think of the manager as an outsider.  A good meeting helps eliminate that sense of exclusion.

As a means of inclusion, a sense of collaboration is also important not only for the sales team, but also for managers.By communicating what works and what doesn’t, others can get ideas to help them become more successful at closing the deal, and the more the manager learns of this, the more real help they can offer others. A potential motivational sales meeting theme could be about how someone overcame an obstacle and still made a sale. Sharing can help the entire sales team.

  1. Help each member of the team keep a sense of independence.  The way that people keep their focus on their own sales is to still remember, that even though they are part of a team, they are still independent when they are on the road or on the phone.  Good sales meetings will strengthen the collaborative aspects of the job, but not eliminate independence.
  2. Recognize people who are doing well. People like to be reminded that they are doing a good job.  That means people who are achieving or surpassing expectations will feel empowered when they are recognized in front of the group.  These recognitions of success can be some of the more important motivational sales meeting topics because not only is recognizing people for doing well by meeting goals, but you can also recognize people for making lesser achievements—small incremental steps that will help them move forward—and public recognition can be very helpful to them, and to the organization.

Sales Meeting Ideas

A sales meeting, whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly should not a place in which a sales team is beat up on for a lack of success.  Even someone not singled out and beat up on dreads and hates a public shaming.  Instead of having an agenda detailing various failures, a regular sales meeting agenda, whether it is a quarterly sales meeting agenda should focus on successes and ideas to create more successes.

It can be useful to use a professional sales meeting agenda template, or a sales and marketing meeting agenda PDF so you can remember the important things to include in every meeting, so they can be more motivational and people feel energized when they leave. Some example of quarterly sales meeting ideas that you may want to include in your sales call agenda template are:

  • Share highlights and successes that people have achieved since the last meeting.  This doesn’t just have to include actual sales, but it could include an email from customers complimenting a sales person for providing an additional service to them.  Then, have anyone willing to share with the group tell about their own small or great successes, and even challenges.  Opening communicating with each other gives people ownership not only in what they do, but also feel like part of a team.

Another part of your sales call agenda template might include sharing ideas about the new opportunities, whether with potential new customers, or potential changes in product that everyone on the team might need to know.  This portion of the agenda can also be an opportunity for people to share a list of sales topics they are less sure of explaining well to customers.  Often, if one person lacks confidence in explaining something to clients, others may feel the same.

One of the more important things for successful sales managers to understand is that if you want to create a culture of success, a sales meeting cannot just be a meeting in which the manager talks, the sales team listens, and everyone goes their own way.  Whether you use out of the box sales meeting ideas to keep your team’s minds working, or if you stick to a weekly sales meeting template—people need to learn, and they need to communicate and contribute.  Without these parts of a meeting, motivation will be hard to find.

Sales Meeting Agenda

Before you begin to plan your meeting, and before you make your first sales meeting agenda sample, remember that a successful sales manager is like a coach.  Oh no!  Not that old saw—the manager as the coach.  Yes, that is right, think like a coach and think that every time you get a chance to call your people together, you need to have a plan, with the first sales team meeting agenda, this the x’s and o’s part of your coaching.  The actual meeting is the motivational part of your job. 

As you make your sales meeting agenda examples, make sure to include some motivational recognition of the go-getters and successful members of the team.  Even the water boy if he deserves it.  You also need to share communication.  What is happening out on the road or through the phone lines?  Have some professional development planned to remind people about sales in general, something they need to know about what they’re selling. 

Make certain the meeting is about the team.  Teams rarely win because of the coach (or sales manager).  They win because they want to be a part of and support the organization.  They want the peer-approval of teammates.  And they want accolades like all-state patches (or salaries and bonuses).  Teams will win with a good motivational sales manager, probably not because of one.

The same topics should be covered in you sales strategy meeting agenda.  Especially open communication so that those who have found success can share what that looks like with others.  This keeps all groups interested in what is happening, and makes everyone motivated and on the road to increasing sales.  No matter the purpose of the sales strategy meeting agenda, motivation can and should be a part of it.

Cool Meeting Ideas

One way to help come up with some interesting and cool meeting ideas is to talk to your top sales people.  Tell them what you hope to accomplish and let them shoot ideas at you.  You can also consider putting something off the wall as a regular part of the agenda so that it is one of the fun activities to liven up meetings regularly.

Some team meeting ideas might include:

  • Take one current event and brainstorm ideas about how that event can help everyone’s sales.  For example, how could a gas shortage actually help sell more of your products?  The answers may be goofy, but they make people think outside the box.  How would people need to present your product so that a shortage of fuel makes your product seem more desirable? 
  • Another use of out of the box meeting ideas and weekly team meeting ideas would be sitting around in the heat of July and to come up with 10 solid ways to increase holiday sales.  Focusing on that topic in July is both practical, and it can be fun to think about winter when you’re sweating profusely.
  • Have the entire team help the entire team improve their Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, then offer a bonus for the first person to get a solid lead based on either of those social platforms.  This can be an interactive meetings’ idea, and a practical use of time.

Daily Huddle Ideas

                Daily sales huddles can be daily or every other day, but no matter the actual scheduling, they are a chance for frequent meetings with sales people to ensure they know what is happening now, and what the future direction of the company might be.  A sales huddle is short, but can be very important, especially for motivation.

Some better sales huddle ideas to keep these brief interactions useful include:

  • A chance to praise good work.
  • Keep things brief and on point
  • Keep meeting times consistent.
  • Encourage questions.

You can make things useful and motivational by encouraging people to ask questions too.  You can also have regular fun morning huddle ideas like asking trivia, or current event questions.  It doesn’t take long, gets people interested, and the winner can get a cup of Starbucks, or something similar.

The Loupe is a tool for sales managers intended to help them help their sales teams.   Being a sales manager can be difficult—report to the senior management, while keeping salespeople on target and happy is a challenge.  Let the Loup make your job easier.

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