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Real Time KPI Monitoring & Notifications

Awareness and visibility is the ultimate driver of success. We can't act on what we don't know or understand. Signals actively monitor every aspect of your business. Ensuring that you are notified the moment risks emerge, have context when forecasting and stop wasting time searching for data points across spreadsheets and dashboards.


Never Be Caught Off Guard Again

Take Control with Proactive Alerts

Signals act as a revenue leaders GPS system. GPS monitors the road ahead and notifies you of traffic jams, speed traps and faster routes. Signals notify leaders of the things they need to know today. From opportunity risk identification to shifts in top of funnel metrics, Signals act as your eyes and ears–ensuring your frontline leaders are focused on what matters most to your business.

E-mail Digests & Notifications

Searching for, aggregating and reporting on revenue data takes a massive toll on productivity. Canopy automates this process by actively monitoring your data, identifying key insights and delivering updates directly to you. Ensuring frontline managers and revenue operations teams spend more time driving revenue and less time reporting on it.

Create Custom Signals

Canopy’s Augmented Revenue Analysis engine gives you the ability to track and monitor what matters most to your business. Custom Signals give you the power to set custom thresholds, unique parameters and deliver notifications to the right person at the right time. If the data exists in your CRM, Canopy has you covered.

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Real-Time KPI Monitoring & Notifications
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