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Are you physically driving revenue?

by Adam Cuzzort

We had an awesome Crowdcast last week with Casey Kerr from Bregal Sagemount. We were discussing a number of topics surrounding how to rebuild revenue and get your teams back on track. One point that stuck out to me, that feels often overlooked, was around movement and physical health. In the office we get up, we move to meetings, we walk to work, and it gives us a boost. In normal times we have a schedule we follow that keeps us on track. At home, we have no schedule and we are more stationary than ever before. 

Let’s start with rest. The lack of a beginning and end to a workday presents challenges with rest and sleep. One avenue to look at is Rise Science and the work they are doing with sales teams and the revenue lift seen from sellers having a good night’s rest. 

Once the day begins, focus on physical movement, which creates energy and drives productivity. It allows us to focus on and execute the task at hand. It alters our mood and pulls us out of the fog. Our sellers need this boost. They need the mental fortitude to keep moving forward and the energy to execute at a high level. The image in my head is that of a construction crew doing calisthenics before kicking off the workday. It sounds silly but why not? On your morning standups get the team moving, make it a virtual walking meeting, do a walking lunch for the 1:1. Whatever it is, get them thinking about the positive impact that movement creates for them. Help them regain or enhance their positive attitude. 

Unprecedented times call for unconventional methods. Make sure your seller’s mental health, and attitude, are in check. It will make them better and in turn make you better. 

Keep crushing it team!
-The Frontline

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