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Change is Constant: Goodbye Loupe, Hello Canopy!

by Adam Cuzzort

If you didn’t notice this morning I am coming to you live from! When we started Loupe we were so tied to the name. We loved the connection between magnification and what our platform can give to revenue leaders. It was a perfect fit. Then outside forces beyond our control rendered our beloved name and brand useless. We pushed back, tried to fight, in hopes of maintaining what we believed to be the only option. 

Spoiler alert: it didn’t work out. What it did, however, is force us to make hard decisions quickly. Gather the facts and push forward. We’re a growing business, there is no time to take our foot off the gas. The only option was to change. In the end, we found something even better. A brand that speaks to the nature of leadership and revenue: Canopy. I’d run you through the whole back story but that’s not why you are here.

You’re here to drive growth. The one thing I know is that change is constant. You can fight it, or you can embrace it. The lesson I’ll leave you with is that change can be scary, unnerving, and unpredictable. It can also open your eyes to things you never thought possible. Embrace change, adapt to your circumstances, find new avenues, and watch how you and your team grow!

-The Frontline

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