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Engaging Clients & Prospects on Virtual Meetings

by Adam Cuzzort

We’ve made a major shift in how we do business and engage with both our teams and prospects over the past few weeks. One major change in light of social distancing is that all meetings have become virtual. This may not be a huge change for inside sales teams connecting with their prospects. What is new for everyone is that this work is also happening from home. Fully remote everything is new to all of us. So we thought we’d pull together a few tips on preparing for and engaging with your buyers virtually. Remind your team of these items and any others you may be doing as well. Everyone can use a little reminder from time to time: 

  1. Use your camera!! We’re all isolated, take the time to turn on your camera and engage with your buyer. It’s ok if they don’t turn theirs on at least you have taken the first step and hopefully brighten their day. 
  2. Dress for your day. If you’re meeting with clients look presentable. After all you’re on camera! It will also help with your mindset in preparing for your day. 
  3. Ask your prospects how THEY are. Not just a hey how you are doing. Take it a step further, how is their family? How is WFH affecting them? Empathy has never been more important. We’re not only in this together but it’s also an opportunity to get to know them and build a relationship. 
  4. Be mindful of the hurdles they face on their end. Their business is feeling this shift too. Decisions are slower, concerns may be higher, be prepared to address these. Be understanding but be ready to help guide them through this time. 
  5. Get Multi-threaded!! This is something we should ALWAYS do. It is even more important when your buying groups aren’t sitting across from each other in the office. Engage with each of them separately. Check in with them, confirm and reconfirm what you know. 

These are simple reminders. None of this you don’t already know. Yet times have changed, stress makes us forgetful, and we can always use a reminder. Let’s make the most of this and prepare our teams to succeed!

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