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Feed Potential

by Adam Cuzzort

The worst thing you can do is ignore potential. I can think of multiple scenarios throughout my career where the decision to feed potential paid out insane dividends. It’s time to throw out any promotions or upward movement opportunities that are locked to minimum time in a role. I’ll never argue that experience is a huge advantage, but I’ve never gained any experience standing still doing the same thing. 

Find ways to feed the potential on your team. If your organization does have minimum requirements for time in role hand out side projects. If it’s a BDR give them a few side accounts, let them know the expectation is to achieve all of their normal goals, but to see what they can also accomplish with a few more. If it’s an AE, give them a few accounts that churned, went dark, or have been ignored by others. Ask them to run a training. Give them the opportunity to shadow the role they want to be in. Do anything you can to feed potential. I was lucky to have leaders throughout my career that were willing to feed my potential, take a bet, and give me the room to grow. Many of whom are still mentors and friends. Never let potential scare you or become an annoyance. Feed it with anything and everything you can. 

Those that can’t handle it will back off quickly. Those that can, will surprise you like you’d never expect, they become your support system and pick up the slack where no one else can. Who’s potential will you feed this week?

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