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Fill in the Gaps – Process Makes Perfect Series (4/4)

by Adam Cuzzort

Who’s heard of Ben Zobrist? For those that don’t follow baseball closely or live in Chicago, you may not have ever heard of him. What makes Zobrist special though, is that he’s been ranked as one of baseball’s greatest utility players. A utility player is someone who can fill in any position on the field at a moment’s notice. They have a deep knowledge of the game and a skillset deep enough at each position to support the team if someone was to get hurt, be ejected, or when the coach wants to make a change aligning other players to have their best game. 

Your job as a sales manager is to be the utility player. Each of your sellers has an area of their sales process that is weaker than another. It’s obvious for some and less obvious for others. It may be a preference or a skill set. Big time closers hate details and could use your help on the front end during discovery and alignment. The relationship builders may be hesitant asking for the business. In other cases, it’s deal and scenario-specific and you’ll need to figure out to drive the best outcome possible. 

Once you identify the gaps, choke points, and individual strengths and weaknesses, know where and how to provide support. If it’s an area they are strong in, step back and let them do their thing. If it’s a weakness discuss how you can work together to fill it in. Don’t ever take the credit, that’s not what this is about. It is also not an invitation to take over a deal. You can’t run every deal it’s literally impossible. Your team won’t scale, your top performers will churn out, and your life will be miserable. 

Focus on the gaps. Harness your inner Ben Zobrist and make your team better every day. 

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