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Flip the Script, Reps Coaching Managers

by Adam Cuzzort

When was the last time you stepped back and received feedback from your sellers? I’m not talking about the HR survey they took. I’m talking about true 1:1 open dialogue feedback? 

We often get blinded by our own experiences. As revenue leaders we’re constantly moving. It’s a non-stop gig. So it’s difficult to get out of the one-size fits all mentality when coaching and supporting our sellers. Taking a step back and letting your sellers give quality feedback on your performance can be a bit intimidating. Some of you may have sellers who were once peers and others may have decades of experience over your reps. In either case, you will be a significantly more effective leader if you can see things through your reps eyes. 

Try out this exercise: Tomorrow, let your sellers know that in your 1:1 next week they will be coaching you. Give them this time to thoughtfully think through what they want to ask or provide feedback on. Since this is their first time coaching let’s highlight a few areas of focus: active opportunity support, prospecting support, process coaching, how you provide feedback, pushing to goals, you name it! Whatever you do regularly with them, or think you do, outline it there. Be prepared to LISTEN, and not talk. You’ll be surprised what you can learn. You’ll also build incredible trust and have a team that has your back and knows you are committed to their success. 

Let me know how it goes! 

-The Frontline

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