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Frontline Managers Need To Coach To Win

by Adam Cuzzort

Recently, Loupe Co-founder and CEO, Pat Rodgers, spent time with Chad Sanderson, host of The B2B Revenue Executive Experience. You can listen to the podcast in the player below or view this link.

Pat and Chad talked in depth about why so many organizations struggle to enable front line sales managers and what impact this has on company revenue. 

Coaching is a critical component for the success of any sales organization, which is why sales executives push so hard on coaching as a priority for managers. Yet, as a sales community, we don’t enable effective coaching to the degree we should. 

To help shed some light on this topic, Chad and Pat dive deep into: 

  • How to turn managers into multipliers
  • Why coaching matters
  • The difference between coaching and managing
  • What skill sets managers should ideally have
  • How organizations can assess their culture to understand if they’re enabling or restricting coaching
  • +more

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