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If everything is important, nothing is important…

by Adam Cuzzort

Peter Drucker famously wrote, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” The challenge in this is knowing what to measure and what to improve at any given moment.

In speaking with many leaders lately, goals and targets have adjusted or changed based on our current environment. Our sellers need focus now more than ever. In times of adversity, we can tend to feel like everything is a fire drill. Our sellers feel that, and act accordingly. The fact of the matter is that if everything is important, then nothing is important. Have you determined what is most important in your business today? What is most important for each seller? 

I recently re-read an HBR case study on the British cycling team. You can read it here. The gist, however, focuses on 1% improvements. If we can focus on little things and improve each by 1%, the incremental improvement will be massive. To put this in perspective, their team made these improvements over the course of 6 years before their massive success.

Now more than ever your sellers need focus and purpose. Focus them on the most important metrics or tasks. Rank priorities and help them understand why. Reprioritize, measure what matters, and leave the rest behind. Dashboards only matter if they have purpose and drive the outcomes you need today. 

What is most important this week?

Keep grinding, we’ll all get there together!
-The Frontline

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