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Leading Through Uncertainty

by Adam Cuzzort

Leading is no simple task. It can feel overwhelming on a normal day. It’s no secret that we are dealing with unprecedented times, times none of us could have predicted or prepared for fully. Our day-to-day lives and interactions have been completely altered. It is in times like these that our teams need us most. As you begin to adjust to your new normal for the foreseeable future, we must continue to lead and build up our teams. I’ve put together a few thoughts. This is by no means an exhaustive list. I’d love to hear what you are doing to build confidence, engage your sellers, and continue to drive results. Take a look and let us know what else we should share! 

  • No decision is the worst decision. Indecision paralyzes everyone and stops all momentum. Work with the information you have and make the best decisions you can. Waiting for some unknown shift or change to occur will put you and your team further and further behind. 
  • Remember, this is sales, it’s all uncertain! Don’t get me wrong, we are in uncharted waters. However, every sale begins in uncharted waters. We react, we adjust, and we move forward in the best way we can. Remind your teams of that fact. Remind them that they adapt and overcome hurdles every day. 
  • Dive in deeper on your 1:1’s. Everyone is feeling a bit more pressure, confusion, and fear. Take the time to check in on your reps on a personal level. How are their families? How are they feeling? Is working remotely working out? Letting your sellers know you care and are there for them is the most important thing you can do to build trust and lead them through this time. 
  • Focus on what we can control and continuously keep that top of mind for your sellers. If it’s an activity, you may need to re-work messaging. But hey, that’s ok, you can control that and continue to push forward!

Leading was never supposed to be easy. I know you can and will step up to the plate. Your team needs you! 

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