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Listen, then push – Process Makes Perfect Series (2/4)

by Adam Cuzzort

As a sales manager, you also have the privilege of playing therapist. What most likely sounds like complaining and excuses about things moving too slowly or a step not working for them is most likely frustration about the process. Let them vent! Hear their challenges, ask for real examples. 

There are times that we as managers and leaders made a really dumb decision that we thought would work on the ground. We add process, gates, you name it. Most of the time they are the right moves and sometimes they’re not, we make mistakes too. Hear the seller if they have a good point dig in and see if it can be adjusted, it may help the entire team! 

However, it may not change. The process may be the process and once we’ve given them a chance to vent its time to get back to work. No seller is above the process no matter how good they are. If you give one seller a pass it will be clear to the others. Salespeople talk and see everything! Hold everyone accountable to the process and push for adherence. It will be tough at first but will pay huge dividends in the very near term. 

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