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Loupe is Now Canopy!

by Adam Cuzzort

We are incredibly excited to announce that Loupe is now Canopy! 

Over the past few months our team has been hard at work developing an identity that speaks to the nature of leadership and revenue. A tree’s “Canopy” provides coverage, protection, and nourishment for the forest below. The branches create an interconnectedness of limbs crossing, growing, and reaching above the forest to capture the sunlight by any means necessary. 

We believe that this analogy is in complete alignment with our mission and vision for the future. Every revenue leader is constantly searching for ways to help their teams reach the next level. They are tasked with identifying risks and protecting their reps and business from the challenges sales teams face every day. Most importantly, they are focused on growth. 

The Canopy team and platform have also experienced significant growth. With the launch of Forecasting, Analytics, and our Hubspot integration, it was time for our brand to grow too. Don’t worry, everything you know and love about Loupe will still be at the core of Canopy. Our focus on providing frontline managers, revenue operations teams, and senior revenue leaders with the awareness and visibility they need to drive revenue forward isn’t going anywhere. 

We know there are plenty of unknowns ahead for all of us. One thing we do know is that we are here for you and your teams. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Canopy and our vision. Now let’s rebuild and continue to grow together!

-Pat & Adam

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