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Reflecting on Memorial Day

by Adam Cuzzort

Sales is tough. There is no doubt about that. However, our struggles pale in comparison to the men and women who have served our country. Those that have laid down their lives in defense of our freedoms. The freedom that enables commerce and our ability to build successful teams and companies. 

It’s not an easy selling environment today. It’s not an easy personal environment either. Yet, we’re still here. We still have our freedom. Take time to reflect on what you DO have. Take time to reset and realize that things can always be worse.

Now, find an example. Find a veteran that you look up to, that you respect. Highlight their heroism, work ethic, and the struggles they went through to enable you and your teams to do what you love. We can learn so much from these brave men and women. Their perseverance, commitment, and honor are all principles that we can all use in our day to day lives. Find a veteran and thank them for their service. Thank them for their sacrifice!

Find your example and help your teams remember the struggles we face today are small and will pass. Be grateful and keep hustling!

– The Frontline

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