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Remember to Celebrate!

by Adam Cuzzort

Celebrate!? What’s there to celebrate? In a normal year, it can be difficult to find the time to celebrate. Sales have always been, and will always be a “what have you done for me lately” type job. Quotas will always increase, territories will get smaller, and as soon as the month or quarter ends, the next begins. 

To be a great seller and leader you have to be at least a little pessimistic. Our job is to find and eliminate risks. Therefore we look for things that could go wrong. Instead of focusing on what is going right. 

By the way, this is not a normal year…

Quarantine is weird. It is affecting everyone differently and has changed our worlds completely. That amount of change and uncertainty is hard to deal with. It’s hard to find time for anything else. It’s more important than ever to celebrate the little wins. Whether it be the target you set, a new meeting record, or even just because. Find time to celebrate with your team. Look for the positives and call them out. 

We could all use a little celebration these days. 

Keep crushing it!

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