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by Adam Cuzzort

The goal of revenue intelligence is simple, instead of making business decisions based on a gut feeling alone, it gives sales leaders the data they need to back up or disprove their assumptions. Providing them with greater visibility into what is working and what isn’t. . Revenue intelligence has the ability to leverage AI to analyze incredible amounts of data and trends simultaneously. Providing massive amounts of analysis and correlation that humans cannot do alone. In some cases, they also record every interaction between a customer and their salesperson. These interactions can be either written or verbal on any channel, this information is then converted into accountable insights for sales leaders. Below you will see some major reasons why investing in revenue intelligence software will help drive revenue and save company time. 

Machine Learning 

A company without revenue intelligence  is limited by the data that they currently have. It is important to leverage every data point your company collects, this type of information is too much for any Excel sheet or manual entry to handle. Revenue intelligence automates the collection and analysis giving you the ability to look  deep into the data. Driving analysis  that provides true meaning.  Machine learning gives the ability to look at projected sales, historical trends, weighted pipelines, and deals that will likely close. Machine learning allows sales leaders to identify the trends and signals that are leading to success and make faster and more informed  decisions to ensure their company’s steady growth.   

Less Self Reporting 

Waiting for reports from the IT resource or in-house internal ops team will be a thing of the past once you start using a revenue intelligence software. The operations team spends a significant amount of time just responding to data requests and building incomplete dashboards . A revenue intelligence software saves time for the operations team, the sales team, and the sales manager.  The data you need to make informed decisions will be available to you immediately. Many revenue intelligence platforms also allow you to filter your sales data. This will allow you to see individual metrics that are being tracked and assess if there is a weak area of your sales. A revenue intelligence software allows you to figure out how to drive revenue instead of waiting for reports from the operations team. 

Advanced Analytics 

Just having a lot of data is not enough to make a change in your revenue; it is how you interpret that data and what you do with it.  You could be winning deals left and right but if you do not make the connection on what happens when deals close versus when they don’t, the winning process will be difficult to replicate and your growth will deteriorate over time. Revenue intelligence uses advanced analytics to see things like where in the funnel deals tend to fall through. Some platforms even have the ability to look at individual sales reps and their sales statistics. Seeing sales patterns without revenue intelligence takes a lot of time as well as trial and error, however revenue intelligence allows sales leaders to identify sales patterns quickly and fix problem areas. 


Canopy is a revenue intelligence software that can make your life as a sales manager much easier. Canopy is the only platform that is powered by augmented revenue analysis and it allows you to focus on driving revenue while Canopy analyzes all of the analytics behind the scenes. Canopy will help your company forecast sales, identify opportunity risks, and monitor KPI data. Canopy Frontline sales managers will also enjoy Canopy’s coaching features which will save sales managers even more time. Revenue intelligence software is a very useful and important tool for any growing business to have. See what Canopy’s software can do for your company, request a demo today!

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