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Sales Coaching Tools That Will Increase Performance

by Adam Cuzzort

No matter how good your sales team is, there are always ways for teams to improve. Giving coaching tools to sales teams will allow sales members to learn new ways to perform and exceed sales quotas. This blog will walk you through a few of the ways you can start using coaching tools that will increase performance. 

Reading Sales Books

Reading a sales book may sound like a homework assignment, but there are some incredible books out there that sales managers and members swear by. Give employees a few title options of books that focus on what your sales team is lacking. For example, If your sales team needs help with their presentation and speaking skills, you could recommend the team reads the book, Made to Stick. Everyone may not take your advice to read the book, but giving people an option to sharpen their sales skills always has more pros than cons. Another great option for people who may not want to read an entire book is to suggest coaching journals. These are often much shorter and you may even be able to write one yourself to motivate your sales team.

Listening to Sales Podcasts

Some people may not have enough time in the day to sit down and read to gain sales skills. That is why sales coaching podcasts have been rising in popularity. Sales members can turn on this podcast during their morning commute and get their head in the game before the day starts. Many podcasts invite guest speakers who bring a lot of unique ideas and sales techniques to the show. No two podcasts are ever the same so suggest many options to your team and they are sure to find one they love!

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Attending Sales Webinars

If all else fails, sales conventions or webinars are always a helpful coaching tool. Webinars allow for many speakers to come and give a lot of helpful information in a short period of time. They also promote sales members to ask questions and get a deeper understanding of new sales techniques. Sales conventions also allow for networking and casual conversations that may even lead to a sale down the road. 


Looking for a different solution? Another great coaching tool is to use a coaching software. At Canopy, our coaching software gives frontline managers like you the visibility necessary to drive revenue. The coaching software identifies every sales member’s strengths and weaknesses, measure the KPI’s that matter to your business, and facilitates 1:1’s that drive real quantifiable results. Canopy can also: 

  • Individualize Scorecards
  • Provide Team Level Comparisons
  • Drive Accountability & Accuracy
  • Provide Custom KPI Monitoring
  • Allows 1:1 Note Taking

The abilities don’t end there, request a demo of Canopy’s software today so you can get back to driving revenue and Canopy will handle the rest. 

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