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Seeing Through the Source

by Adam Cuzzort

We can learn quite a bit about a prospect from the source alone. You can also miss a ton by relying on the source alone. Helping your sellers understand the nuances of the different source types can provide a leg up on your discovery calls. 

For example, let’s take an inbound opportunity. Inbound could mean a) they want this now and they really like us or b) I’m getting price shopped and they’ve already decided on a competitor or c) something in the middle. Understanding how and why buyers come to you will help sellers prepare for the right questions to ask. Outbound will almost certainly take longer, and if it doesn’t, then they are most definitely evaluating other tools in your space before you connected. 

Coming back to the inbound thread, we should always confirm if we have any former relationship with the individual. Did they work at a previous client? Are they connected to a previous client? Do they have a title that matches our normal buyer? Preparation is key here and helping them identify the opportunities and risks for each source is the important part. 

Start thinking about your sources. What can you identify as common threads to help guide and prepare your sellers? Do a short stand up with your team, know the conversion rates per source, the deal sizes, and the sales cycle. Finally, now more than ever start tracking the increase, decrease, or slow down in opportunities by source. In uncertain times with a declining economy, certain sources of leads will change and evolve. Keep an eye on which ones are still proving fruitful and attack them head-on. 

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