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Managing Remote: Setting Expectations & Trusting Your Team

by Adam Cuzzort

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak many teams will move to a remote workforce, at least for the time being. For some of you this is the first time you will be leading a remote team. More importantly, this could be the first time your sellers have ever worked remotely for an extended period of time. Take these steps to ensure success: 

  1. Set Expectations: The most important thing you can do is set the appropriate expectations. Reiterate your expectations, especially regarding things that you would normally just expect to happen. 
  2. Confirm Communication Channels: Determine the channels of communication you will be using for each type of task, i.e. Slack or text for questions, Zoom for team meetings and 1:1’s etc. etc. 
  3. Move 1:1’s and team meetings to video conferences. With today’s technology we should see business as usual even in a remote setting. 

The key factor is to communicate the expectations you have, outline the plan, and ensure you have a way to monitor progress. Finally, trust your team. If you hired these people for the right reasons give them the opportunity to do their best work in any environment. Think about how you manage your team today and keep that cadence. Stay safe, be smart, and crush your numbers!

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