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Show Me the Money

by Adam Cuzzort

Realizing we’re dating ourselves a bit here….throw this video up in your next sales meeting 🙂

Let’s talk comp plans. Do you fully understand yours? If not sit down with your boss or finance team today.

Now, do you understand theirs? Did you as a seller? A big mistake we can make as leaders is not helping our team understand how they make money.

New comp plans get rolled out in big company meetings and sellers are too shy to ask what they really mean. The best advice I received was in one of my first sales jobs, a veteran seller asked if my money matched up with my deals…I hadn’t even thought to check ?.

He said this is the real world…you don’t get a pat on the back for good grades anymore bud!

Share the same with your new sellers. Ensure they know how to maximize their dollars. The transparency and trust developed here will not only motivate them but also ensure that when you need to pull a deal or two across the line, you can show them what it means for them too!

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