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Speaking of teams, is it time to “Re-board” your reps?

by Adam Cuzzort

Last week we dove into assessing our teams. It’s a difficult and if done manually, time-consuming task. We do however come out with a very clear picture of what to do next. Hopefully, you learned a ton as well. 

Something I started doing periodically and recommended to many of my clients in the past is to “Re-board” reps. We spend months of time On-boarding sellers. Yet we rarely take a step back and ask ourselves, what’s changed? Unless you miraculously inherited a brand new team, all with the exact same start date, and even more miraculously have had zero positive or negative turnover, than every one of your sellers is on a different timeline. 

Your business has gone through an incredible transformation over the past 6 months. No matter what industry or service you provide so much has changed. Products evolve, messaging shifts, negotiations are different. All of these require a reset. 

I’m not recommending you hit the brakes and take 3 months to re-board your team. What I’m recommending is to pause and outline the key drivers of success in your business, the activities that are working, the product or service changes over the last 6 months, and ensure every member of your team is on the same page. Have them share their learnings, best practices, and success stories with the group. When every member of your team is speaking the same language you have something special. 

Happy Selling!

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