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Spot the Choke Points – Process Makes Perfect Series (3/4)

by Adam Cuzzort

Once your process is in motion start assessing the choke points. What’s your longest stage? Does your longest stage differ rep by rep? How about the conversion rate by stage? Where are your deals falling out today? 

The hardest part is getting your process into a scalable and repeatable one. Now its time to find those choke points and dig in deeper. Ask your sellers, what’s happening in this stage? Sit in for these meetings, ask more questions, and see what missing. It could be a lack of access to decision-makers, no urgency which may be a lack of understood value, not asking for the business, too many requirements on the buyer…unfortunatley, I don’t have the magic 8 ball but you’ll find it. 

Have something you’ve found and aren’t sure how to fix? Send it over let’s dig in!

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