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Start With Why – Process Makes Perfect Series (1/4)

by Adam Cuzzort

Our next four notes will build on each other and focus on the most important part of your job as a sales manager…driving process. 

The process is incredibly important in sales. Without it, there is no way to identify what leads to a win or a loss. You wouldn’t buy an Ikea dresser, dump all of the parts on the ground, and throw out the directions, would you?

Use this analogy with your sellers, or send a better one over to us! Give them the WHY. Show them your top performers and their sales metrics. If you want to be at the top, here are the steps you need to follow so we can tweak them as we go. Don’t be afraid of showing them the math! Process is measurable and comparable. It allows us to give sellers a map to success. Show them the WHY. Trust the process. 

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