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Take Up Sewing – Multi-Threaded Managers

by Adam Cuzzort

Key Takeaway: If you have an opportunity that does not have access to decision makers, or multiple stakeholders, take the time to introduce yourself directly to the missing contact. 

Last week we talked about being a utility player and filling in where each seller needs the most help. A topic that is being pushed more now than ever is getting multi-threaded. This strategy focuses on having access to as many contacts in the decision tree as possible. The reason for this is to avoid a single point of failure. Prospects go dark, priorities change, and you never hear from them again. 

The simplest way to avoid this from happening to your team is to have multiple contacts throughout the organization. This doesn’t mean they joined one meeting and you never spoke to them again. It means you have regular contact with each stakeholder to ensure you have awareness and visibility into the entire decision making process.

Most sellers fear they will harm the relationship by going over someone’s head. Most of the time it is just that, a fear, that they must overcome. It can also be very real, companies have gatekeepers for a reason. I know I have personally been dropped from a sales process by jumping over someone’s head. This is where leadership can come in to provide air cover. If you have a deal that does not have multiple stakeholders or does not have access to a true decision maker it is your opportunity, and responsibility, to introduce yourself. Provide them with a lay of the land, background into who you are working with and the value your company is bringing, and offer to be a resource in any way you can. 

The response you get back will tell you quite a bit about your opportunity. It will also allow your sales rep to keep the relationship with your champion intact. Happy Selling!

-The Frontline

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