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Target Practice Anyone?

by Adam Cuzzort

What targets have you set lately? It is often difficult to think beyond quota. However, the best managers I have ever known or worked with, set specific, and measurable, individualized targets for each seller. There are simple ways to do this, such as splitting up a quarterly quota into monthly targets, new opportunity creation, increasing the average number of contacts per account, etc. etc. It’s all about breaking down the larger goal into smaller chunks that focus on areas of improvement for each seller.

Sales is a tough job. One with many ups and downs. Finding ways to motivate your team with smaller, more attainable targets not only provide achievable milestones but allow you to drive specific improvement.

The first step is to identify the weaknesses for each seller. If this is your first time setting more specific targets then start small with weekly or monthly goals. The second, and more important step, is to communicate it and track it. Find a way to track when you started the goal, how the seller is trending, and how that is impacting other outcomes. Lastly, communicate updates with your seller frequently. Share successful target achievements with the entire team. Most sales analytics tools will help to provide the reporting you need. Few allow you to track and measure the improvement and outcomes these drive. 

Great managers leverage these targets to drive incremental growth across their entire team. Leading to higher quota attainment overall. Work on some target practice this week! 

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