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The Devil in the Details

by Adam Cuzzort

An old phrase that rings so true in sales. I bet once a week you have a seller tell you all about this amazing opportunity that just landed in their lap! I call it “Happy Ears”.

When sellers turn on Happy Ears they stop searching for the details. The when (close date), how (buying process), and who (decision maker) that makes a deal successful. 

Your top sellers pick this up and make it a habit. They ask direct questions and know every step. However, they can get comfortable and cocky too. Always remind your team how important the details are. They can end up being the make or break for your deal. The earlier we get them the better.

Outline the key factors you know will be required to win an opportunity. Push your team to pull these out on the discovery call or initial meeting. It will be uncomfortable at first but when that first deal closes twice as fast as any other…it will become second nature. The details always matter. 

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