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The Sentence Formula

by Adam Cuzzort

Ok, ready for one of my favorite coaching opportunities? This is more strategy and psychology than anything else. People love to hear themselves talk. It is human nature. There isn’t a stat in the world that goes against the fact that the less you speak the more likely you are to have success. 

So other than listening more and talking less how can we use this to our advantage? A long time ago I came up with the Sentence Formula. Here it is: Their Words + Our Message = Their Idea.

We all call things different names. For example, to use the simplest of phrases, we have trained our sales team to talk about “Quota” it’s in all of our messaging and we’ve banged them over the head with it enough times that they whisper it in their sleep. However, your prospect only calls it “Goal”. We would traditionally have our follow up say: “Thank you for sharing your needs around quota tracking.” Because that’s how I’ve written every follow-up e-mail since I’ve worked for you. What if they instead wrote: “Thank you for sharing your needs around goal tracking”? A small change but I was clearly listening. What if I started using my client’s internal vernacular, acronyms, or product names in my live conversations with them? So Ms. Decision Maker, what I’m hearing you say is that you need goal tracking to achieve your personal goals? 

Small things matter. Coach your teams to do the leg work to find some of these and write them down during the discovery call. We need every opportunity to stand out.

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