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Wartime Sales Leader

by Adam Cuzzort

Ben Horowitz, of Andreessen Horowitz, famously wrote “Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO” back in 2011. The premise being that a Peacetime CEO has time to strategize, explore many directions and opinions, focus on culture, and take their time making decisions. Conversely, the Wartime CEO is paranoid, hyper-focused on winning at all costs, and intolerant of any distractions that take away from the core mission: survival.

David Cancel, CEO of Drift, recently wrote an article outlining his perspective on the Wartime CEO as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic and how different the threats are on our businesses in this new world. 

I have read both now multiple times and they each provide clarity on the grit and determination needed to push through these trying times. However, they both focus on the CEO. Although a sales manager, and in most cases the head of sales or even the CRO, does not wield the same power as the CEO there are strategic tactics outlined in both of these articles that can guide decision making and resource allocation. 

In today’s environment, I believe Cancels three core points are ones that any leader can implement, especially growth-minded sales leaders: 

1) Ignore Distractions 

2) Focus on Your People (keep the ones that will help you win the battle)

3) Forget the Master Plan, Adapt & Shift

The world is coming back online. It’s time to go on the offensive and plan for your rebuild. Plan for how YOU will lead your team into the next chapter. Take the reins and start winning the war!

– The Frontline

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