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Manager's Minute

Welcome to the Manager Minute

by Adam Cuzzort


If you are reading this note I want to give you a huge virtual high five! You care about being a better manager. By joining our growing community of sales managers you have taken one more step to up your game. There isn’t a single lesson or tip we’ll share that didn’t come out of actual experience leading and scaling teams, huge mistakes we’ve made, and the pivots we’ve made to overcome them.

Our first tip: What makes them tick?

Do you know exactly what each member of your team is shooting for? Do they even know? Everyone has a WHY and it’s our job to cultivate that WHY and motivate them to achieve their goals. A few of your salty vets, or those that worked for a salty vet, may be thinking…”I only want reps that are motivated by money!”…I get that and it’s not wrong but there is something deeper for each of us. A new car, student loans, first home, leadership, the answers you’ll get when you ask the question will surprise you.

Help them define their WHY, cultivate that WHY, and help them achieve their goals. You do that, and you’ll have a team of loyal quota crushers willing to run through a brick wall for you. That’s real leadership.

– The Frontline

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