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Why Sunday

by Adam Cuzzort

As if you aren’t busy enough I’ve chosen to send you Frontline updates on Sundays! What gives?? Well I’m glad you asked….

Sales is freaking hard! As the saying goes, if it was easy everyone would do it. One of the very first lessons I learned as a young manager is that you have to work harder than everyone else. Sales is a roller coaster. As a manager you get to ride every roller coaster your reps do. This constant shifting of priorities leaves little time for planning and reflection.

Sundays give us an opportunity to pause, take a deep breath, and see the bigger picture. My hope is that our updates can give you motivation, strategies to implement, and lessons we’ve learned along the way that give you the ability to avoid land mines and take control of your week. Take an hour, take 30 minutes, heck take 10 minutes to check your calendar and block some time for mid-week reflection and prioritization. Wherever you start, make Sundays the day to plan and prepare for the week ahead.

Now go execute like I know you can!

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