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Why We Started Loupe

by Adam Cuzzort

Being a frontline sales manager is arguably one of the most difficult jobs in any organization. This is a role that I have experienced first hand for many years. Throughout the course of a single day, you will play firefighter, forecaster, trainer, analyst, coach, veteran closer, and therapist — just to name a few of the proverbial hats we wear. The ultimate goal is to hit your number, but in order to do this we have to develop sellers, spot risk in our pipeline, course correct, and understand how to motivate a group of people with varied experience, coaching styles, and personalities. In most cases, this is also our very first time managing people and we are tasked with executing the vision and strategic initiatives of our executive leaders who trump our experience by decades.

To make the job even harder we operate with imperfect information. If you have ever been involved in a deal review or forecast meeting it is the equivalent of a high stakes game of telephone. The narrative of each deal changes as it moves up the chain of command. Salespeople are emotionally involved in their deals for any number of reasons. Making their version of the truth slightly skewed, as a manager, we then have to separate fact from fiction.

Now let’s take it a step further, your team just missed quota. What now? How do we spot the inconsistencies, the individual gaps of each seller, how do we find “the why”? For me, this was soul-crushing weekends and evenings in Excel. I would crunch numbers attempting to identify where we misstepped, our bottlenecks, and the trends that were impacting our business. It was inefficient, time-consuming, and generally left me in only a marginally better place than when I started.

I still didn’t have the full picture. And what I could see was just a sliver of a snapshot in time.. I could hardly apply my findings to what was happening with my team.. Almost as soon as I completed any analysis it was out of date. Most managers don’t have the time or knowledge to pause and identify these trends for themselves in the first place. There is no way to prioritize their day. So what do we do? We chase whichever fire feels the biggest or whichever sales rep is the loudest. Leading to a high volume of low impact activities and marginal returns.

How is this still a thing? We have an outrageous amount of data today. We’ve all invested in any number of seller productivity tools, average spend on a sellers tech stack is $4-5K annually. The problem is none of these tools speak to each other. Sure they sync to our CRM but they aren’t connecting the dots. We’re investing in a 1X return at the seller level. Our managers, depending on the size of their team can create an 8X-10X return.

That’s why we built Loupe. To empower the most impactful role across the revenue organization, the Frontline Sales Manager. We connect the dots, spot individual strengths and weaknesses, and give managers the answers they need to be proactive, prioritize their time, confidently coach sellers on an individual basis. By giving managers answers instead of dashboards we enabling them to achieve their full potential and drive revenue like never before. Give your managers the ability to be a multiplier and drive success throughout your organization. We hope you join us on this journey!

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