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Welcome to the Revenue Leadership Hub

Canopy is the first platform purpose-built for revenue leadership teams.

Revenue Leadership

Focus on What's Most Important

Achieving repeatable and predictable revenue growth requires that every member of the team is rowing in the same direction. Canopy ensures that your frontline managers and operations teams are focused on what matters most to the business, while providing you with the visibility and awareness needed to make data-driven decisions, drive strategic change, and confidently call your business.

Sales & Revenue Operations

Take Control of Your Data

Eliminate the endless report building and time consuming manual analysis. Revenue operations teams are the driving force behind data-driven decision making. Canopy gives you control over your data and the ability to discover the answers revenue leaders need to drive predictable revenue growth.

Enablement & Productivity

Unlock Your Team's Potential

It's time enablement and productivity leaders had a way to measure the impact of their work. Canopy gives you the ability to identify weaknesses, monitor key initiatives, drive accountability and measure the ROI of your program.

Frontline Sales Manager

Manage Proactively

It's time managers had the ability to be proactive. Canopy actively monitors what matters to you and delivers actionable insights giving you the ability to stay ahead. Individualized scorecards ensure you have full visibility into each and every seller's performance. Notes give you the ability to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Take control of your time and your team's performance!

Ready to bring science to the art of forecasting?

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