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Sales Coaching Models

Any company that relies heavily on its sales team for new business and revenue growth should understand the benefits of sales coaching and the need to invest more time training and motivating their sales reps. Effective sales coaching can transform a midrange seller into one of your top performers when the right support and encouragement is given. But, not all sales team members will respond to the same sales coaching topics and techniques. And this is what your sales manager must determine – which is the best sales coaching methodology 

What is sales coaching?

Sales coaching best practices will involve a structured training program that is the right fit for your market sector and your sales force, with the aim of uncovering hidden problems that are hampering sales reps and discovering new ways for each team member to be more effective at problem-solving. The overall goal is to improve sales performance while also encouraging a culture of teamwork within your business.

An example of the sales coaching topics you might find in a high quality sales training program include:

  • Establishing an emotional and a rational connection with clients
  • How to effectively research a prospect before you make a sales call
  • Prioritizing time between lead nurturing, cold calls, and staying attentive to current contacts
  • Learning when to let go and when to push back

Why is sales coaching important?

Sales coaching can help leaders bring all team members up to speed in the two critical areas needed to successfully gain new business and close just about any lead. They are:

  1. Opportunity coaching – how to acquire new business or up-sell your existing clients using active listening and objection-handling
  2. Skills coaching – improving personal selling skills which may include improved communications, story-telling, and good business judgment

Sales coaching is important if you desire a sales team that is continuously improving, has a consistent brand messaging, and is ready to reach corporate quotas. Consider the many sales coaching tools that are available, including proprietary sales simulation software, one-on-one sales manager-led coaching, or live sales instructions led by a professional sales coach.

Sales Enablement Software

So you realize the benefit of sales coaching to help your sales reps continuously improve their performance with feedback, practice and repetition. Next, you will need to look to software sales training programs that can not only teach effective sales techniques but will also track each team member’s  progress. Sales coaching software takes a data-driven approach to pinpoint exactly where you have weak points in your sales conversion pipeline and can benchmark performance skills of your reps to determine where they are struggling and what their greatest skills are – so managers can better delegate.

Choosing the wrong sales simulation software 1 may have drawbacks. For instance, a coaching session will have little impact if it has not targeted those areas where your reps are struggling. Sales enablement will vary within each company and sometimes may vary between different product lines or service offerings. The right sales enablement process will offer your specific sales organization with the tools, content, and information to help them sell more effectively.

A sales enablement automation platform should seamlessly fit into your marketing and sales tech platforms with following features:

  • Ability to share and edit content
  • Reference contacts in CRM
  • Feature recorded presentations
  • Enable messaging and video chat
  • Provide a source for micro-learning
  • Obtain reports on sales progress vs. sales training

A good sales enablement platform will get the right information to the right people, just when they need it to move a customer through the sales funnel. Sales automation tools will help to merge your marketing and sales efforts and will generally feature proprietary AI technology.  While your product marketers are putting a public face on your product or service, your sales team is enabling their efforts with information on what content or messaging is moving deals forward, and what marketing efforts are not.

Business Coaching Plan Template

One of the best sales coaching tools available is found in a free, downloadable business coaching plan that can be tailored to fit the needs of your organizations. Sales coaching tools can also help sales managers enter each and every coaching session prepared with an agenda that also leaves time for your sales reps to discuss what roadblocks they are hitting when making sales calls.

A good sales coaching template may start with identifying concrete goals for both increasing corporate sales and advancing the communication skills of the rep. To truly reap the rewards of growth in both these areas, the sales coaching plan template must present a realistic model of what transpires between a sales person and a potential client. The presentation topics for sales team may include:

  • Building a good rapport with new clients
  • Leveraging the art of story building
  • Follow-up techniques that get results
  • Elevator pitch and brand messaging
  • Building and using a presentation deck

The benefits of using a simple coaching plan template is that your company can see immediate improvements in team performance because these products will address the root cause of the most common sales team weaknesses. Improvements can always be gained with proper time management and prioritizing the right clients to make the best use of the sales rep’s time.

The downfall of using a sales manager coaching guide is not seeing where your market sector and your sales team require a different approach from what is presented in a coaching plan template download. The best plan is to create a variety of coaching scenarios to address the many different stages of the sales cycle. And finally, a business coaching plan should have applications for both one-on-one coaching sessions along with sales team coaching which can help your weaker sales reps learn from your stronger sales team members.

Coaching Action Plan for Sales Managers

When you decide you need to implement a coaching culture within your sales team, a sales manager should develop a coaching action plan for both individual sales coaching and group coaching of the entire sales team. The best avenue to finding a professional sales coach is to partner with a service provider like Canopy that has developed a platform specifically built to identify proactive steps for managers to confidently coach their sales team. 

Professional sales coaching should deliver on improving actionable items within any corporate sales division, starting with coaching sales reps on how to spot opportunities. This one action can do more to convert prospective customers because it involves asking the right questions while expanding the sales dialogue to active listening. Knowing how to direct a conversation and actively listening can reap crucial facts and information that are key to an effective sales pitch.

While sales managers are experienced at setting sales goals, they must realize those goals can be accomplished only with improved sales performance over time. Find a sales coach near me that can help managers empower their sales operations by helping reps understand how individual efforts can change pipeline trends and maximize the entire team’s impact on corporate growth.

Partner with a sales coach that is effective in multiple delivery systems, including:

  • Team coaching
  • Sales rep onboarding
  • One-on-one sales coaching
  • Peer-to-peer coaching
  • Self coaching for individuals

In order to create effective change and growth for sales professionals consider these 5 features of a sales coach action plan:

  1. Determine your sales team short-term and long-term training goals
  2. Evaluate the skillsets of your sales reps and consider appropriate informal and formal training
  3. Set a time frame for how often and when sales coaching will be delivered
  4. Establish progress deadlines to keep everyone moving forward and keep everyone updated
  5. Hold your sales reps accountable for participation and completion of coaching sessions

An action plan should include time for personal sales coaching of weaker team members, along with group sales coaching that allows stronger team members to share on their methods for success.

List of Sales Topics

As a sales manager, you may be wondering what types of sales topics are important to include in a sales coaching session. Of course, this depends on what level your sales reps are operating. Executive sales topics for a B2B will include advanced sales training topics, which may be different from a sales division that is looking to expand a product or service within the consumer marketplace. 

List of sales training topics

  • Maximizing sales rep productivity
  • How to spot risky deals in the pipeline
  • Teaching reps how to be accountable
  • Helping reps make informed decisions

Another example of a sales training topics 2019 may be focused on a particular stage within the sales funnel, such as making a cross-sell and upselling. If you are a company that delivers a service to its customers, you may want to train your sales reps on how to sell the value of your services as a customer solution as opposed to selling on price.

Since sales teams may often feel pressure to produce results, your sales coaching should include some motivational topics, such as:

  • Developing self-confidence with clients
  • Taking ownership of the client relationship
  • Minimize stress and maintain a healthy attitude
  • Proactive techniques to stay optimistic during economic downturns

If you’re ready to take your sales teams to the next level, contact Canopy for the professional resources you need as part of sales leadership. Sales training is both an art and a science, and the techniques to improve may differ for an employee that is new to the sales profession or a sales rep that is seasoned but not leveraging new technologies and best practices to their advantage.

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