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Sales Forecast Management & Reporting

Accurate forecasting comes down to assessing the facts, understanding the trends and getting better every single time. This requires visibility to every deal, every seller and every manager on your team. You must separate fact from fiction, while understanding the statistical trends that impact your pipeline. Canopy makes each of these steps seamless by providing contextual details at every step of your forecast so you can accurately call and monitor your business.


Complete Revenue Visibility

Analyze Trends Like Never Before

Canopy’s Augmented Revenue Analysis engine combines advanced statistical modeling with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Simply put, we show our math. Instead of black box predictions, we show you every trend and variable driving our predictions, ensuring you have access to every data point necessary to confidently call your business.

Call Your Business With Confidence

Streamline the forecasting process into a single view ensuring full clarity into any deal, team or seller. Canopy snapshots every forecast, provides context to shifts and changes and reports on the accuracy at every level, creating a chain of custody ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Active Deal Monitoring

A major aspect of forecasting is separating fact from fiction. Frontline managers spend too much time combing through deals to identify which deals present the greatest risk. Canopy automates this process and notifies managers of the key risks impacting every deal in their pipeline. Now they can accurately call their business and spend time on the most valuable opportunities.

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