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Sales Manager Role as an Advocate for Corporate Success

Companies seeking to generate revenue by providing goods and services engage in a wide range of related tasks. Many of these practices go far beyond the performance indicators and outwardly visible practices you might associate with selling. From leading staff to maintaining business assets, enterprises have to work hard to maintain healthy revenue engines, and sales managers are integral to their success.

Sales managers perform a variety of crucial jobs with the goal of pushing salespeople and related personnel in the right direction. Vital sales manager skills may include

  • Providing guidance concerning which products and branding efforts employees should promote,
  • Assigning sales teams members to specific territories,
  • Conducting and leading training, onboarding and continuing education programs,
  • Constructing and implementing sales plans at the organizational or departmental level, and
  • Setting standards for HR tasks such as hiring and firing.

Sales managers also come in a variety of flavors:

  • Inside sales managers focus on growing inside sales teams that connect with clients via email, phone, and other indirect contact methods.
  • Field sales managers lead sales representatives in specific professional domains.
  • Territory or regional sales managers guide organizational sales forces within specific operating zones and regions.

Different sales manager positions demand unique talent blends. For instance, common inside sales manager skills include the ability to forge and nurture strong ties without traditional, face-to-face interaction. Territory manager skills might cover practices such as motivating team members, facilitating market research initiatives, and educating consumers about products. Many position-specific sales manager skills and competencies, such as being able to handle customer complaints as a field sales manager, also prove useful in other types of sales manager jobs. In other words, it’s imperative for businesses to clearly define the successful sales manager traits they seek in employment candidates.

Sales Manager Definition

Sales management is the act of devising, applying, and overseeing sales techniques to serve business goals. In addition to taking proactive measures to drive profits, sales managers strive to imbue brand interactions with enhanced value for clients.

Looking at a typical sales management definition reveals that this is a broad discipline grounded in strategic planning, agile application of such policies and analytic oversight. By working to analyze and quantify the factors that determine whether individual sales practices live up to expectations, sales managers have to communicate with a variety of personality types and build strong relationships with partner business entities. They also need to be sufficiently conversant with technology to leverage tools such as business intelligence and enterprise resource planning systems.

Sales managers may work to improve performance at various levels of an organization. In direct retail settings, sales managers commonly take a hands-on approach to activities such as training and consumer interaction. In inside sales positions, management leaders might be responsible for disseminating organization-wide information and promoting widespread change. Depending on how willing a company is to collect data, sales managers may fulfill firsthand roles as CRM users, identify performance metrics, or troubleshoot corporate culture issues that stop firms from achieving their full potential.

Exploring the Sales Manager Job Description

What is a sales manager’s job description? Although each company and role is different, sales managers typically fulfill well-defined roles that should ideally cater to the mission objectives of the companies they work for. When writing a sales manager’s job description for hiring purposes, it might be wise to check out a sample sales manager duties and responsibilities PDF and cover these key topics:

Sales Manager Job Description and Salary

Sales manager jobs are usually specific to the field in question. For instance, a product sales manager job description isn’t going to look the same as a retail or real estate sales manager job description. In the same vein, the compensation, responsibilities, and cultural expectations associated with given positions are likely to take markedly distinct forms depending on the nature of the work at hand.

Such disparities make it crucial for hiring supervisors to clearly list the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager as well as be transparent about wages. Because the duties of different sales teams vary so widely, HR personnel may find it easier to attract genuine interest when they’re honest about what candidates can expect. Transparency also heightens the odds that prospects will come with the required talent — instead of simply being attracted to the possibility of a seemingly cushy, high-pay role.

Technological Competencies and Vital Computer Skills for Sales Managers

Sales management practices reflect the unique revenue structures and streams that companies establish to maintain their profit margins. When listing sales manager job requirements, it’s critical to specify what kinds of tools new hires might work with or benefit from mastering. For instance, although most sales managers engage in some form of customer relationship management, or CRM, a company’s choice of apps and dashboards has a significant impact on its workflows. To fill roles effectively, enterprises should be extremely forthcoming about the tech skills that applicants will require to get on board and start being productive rapidly. Although providing on-the-job training and sharing new sales manager tips with fresh hires are both helpful, making your requirements clear in advance is usually the safest bet.

Sales Strategies and Corporate Missions

Being a good fit for a company’s corporate culture is a critical component of living up to sales manager job requirements. Although anyone can act like a team player in controlled circumstances, it takes real skill to adapt to new professional environments and work styles.

Each sales manager job description doc ought to serve as an introduction to the philosophies and ideals underlying a company’s work so that prospective managers know whether they’re an appropriate fit. For instance, a senior sales manager job description might need to clarify whether the company is trying to pivot, complete a big project, revitalize regional performance, or achieve another specific goal that lower-level decision-makers might not have to be concerned with.

Typical Sales Manager Salary 2019 Figures

What is a sales manager’s salary like? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals earn high compensation in a field whose growth is commensurate with the average rate for all professions. Experienced professionals could expect a median annual take-home pay of more than $120,000 in 2018. In 2019, an entry-level sales manager’s salary might be around $90,000 per year, according to data compiled by Glassdoor.

When negotiating a sales manager salary in 2019, it’s essential to ask questions and think critically. Since the field is defined by the unique differences between company-specific business models, it’s prudent to get a clear picture of the responsibilities required for each job — and find out whether alternative forms of compensation might be available. A sales manager’s salary at a California startup might be less than what their colleagues at more established enterprises earn yet also include things like vested stock options and other benefits. Looking at factors like a sales manager’s salary per hour might not provide accurate indicators of job conditions if such information fails to reveal how much of an additional commitment a particular position demands.

How much money can someone take home as a successful sales manager? Interestingly, who they work for could be just as important as what they do. A sales manager who starts with a struggling company might not make as much as they could until they help turn things around and increase revenues. Field sales managers at larger brands might start with relatively high salaries yet limit their prospects for upward mobility. Just as employers love to ask candidates where they picture themselves in five or ten years, candidates should find out where brands are headed before jumping on the bandwagon.

What Goes Into a Strong Sales Manager Resume?

A sales manager’s resume has to impress HR staff. After all, companies are hiring people for their sales skills, so candidates need to sell themselves more than they might when pursuing other roles.

Sales manager skills resumes need to feature professional language, but they can’t get by on flashy name-dropping or long lists of fancy job titles. Instead, they have to demonstrate how you’ve brought brands value throughout your professional histories, such as by sharing real-life success cases or referencing your role in well-known marketing successes. These demonstrations of worth may ultimately prove far more rewarding than merely providing references even though both are important.

Are there things a sales manager skills resume shouldn’t include? Looking at some sales manager resume examples from 2019, it’s clear to see that many candidates focus on their job performance track records instead of devoting as much space as possible to listing credentials. Although credentials like education are indeed vital for dazzling hiring directors, the most impressive sales manager qualifications reflect experiential talents — such as developing contracts, identifying profitable new business opportunities, and coordinating large-scale sales programs.

Another common factor found in many sales manager resume examples from 2018 and on is their concentration on promoting candidates’ leadership abilities. Strong resumes use numbers and figures to illustrate job-seekers’ skills in areas like training other sales staff to become high-earners, closing deals, and refining existing strategies. They also highlight your ability to apply related strengths and talents in an outside-the-box manner. For instance, you might include blurbs revealing how you used product placement or traffic control to promote sales by increasing the visual prominence of a retail display or found a new B2B niche for poor sellers.

Finally, always remember to add a sales manager resume summary statement. Professional summaries play key roles in career building by making it easy for hiring personnel to quickly peruse candidates’ skills and expertise without needing to take the full plunge into the specifics. In a high-competition field like sales management, putting your strengths at the forefront is a smart way to attract attention and self-advertise.

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