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Revenue Leadership
Revenue Leadership
Gain the visibility needed to confidently call your business while keeping your managers focused on what matters most.
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Sales & Revenue Ops
Reduce the manual analysis and focus on the bigger picture. Provide your teams with the answers they need in real-time.
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Enablement & Productivity
Identify the key opportunities for improvement and measure the ROI of every initiative you roll out.
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Frontline Sales Manager
Stop playing from behind and proactively drive every sellers productivity and revenue attainment.
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Sales Performance Management

Sales performance management is the strategic monitoring of both individuals and team assessment data input through specified tasks to optimize performance. Through my research and a bit of experience, SPM is more effective through;

Sales Reporting And Analytics: Entails data analysis to provide the relationships between sales behavior, supply chain, and revenue. They are useful in sales forecasting.

Quota planning and management: This is setting clear business goals and reasonable quotas with accurate sales performance planning to achieve them.

Sales Team Supervision: Close supervision of team sales, giving a detailed overview of sales engagement between the buyer and seller.

Niche Management: This is related to research and analysis of target market sales. Other sales companies use machine learning (ML) technologies to study customers’ buying patterns. Such an approach help companies track product performance.

Account Management: Account management employed for effective money spending and budgeting for activities in the company. Proper money accounting prevents unnecessary expenditure of revenue.

Incentive Compensation Planning: As a manager, it helps understand how the sales rep affects your sales force team’s morale and performance. This may include overseeing non-monetary initiatives and sales accounting.

It Is Essential To Keep Track of Sales Performance

Mostly, it prevents sales losses by closely monitoring revenue and profits made. This kind of data analysis gives better predictions of market patterns, new market niches, and sales forecasting.

Sales performance is measured by;

  1. Amount of revenue made
  2. Losses
  3. Quota profit
  4. Number of new customers successful calls
  5. Replying to emails (the response rate for emails)
  6. Calls (number of new proposals sent)
  7. Qualifies leads and contract durations
  8. Customers lost to competitors.

Influence of Tracking Performance on Companies

  1. Company spending -helps companies avoid overspending on products that do not generate revenue.
  2. Budgeting -aid in the proper allocation of company resources to sales performance activities.
  3. Sales forecasting ad risk –companies, through sales performance tracking, predict future market patterns and prevent unnecessary risk;
  4. Operational efficiency and effectiveness of tracking sales performance
  5. There will be an increase in revenue due to better sales forecasting.
  6. Better Revenue concentration due to targeted expenditure of company resources
  7. More income equals more individual salary bonuses leading to an increase in sales team performance.
  8. There will be less loss of revenue due to improved sales planning and implementation.
  9. Prevention of waste of company resources due to more effective tracking of sales numbers
  10. It provides a more practical framework for efficient sales engagement due to continuous communications between company sellers and their customers.

How to Measure Sales Productivity and How to Evaluate Sales Performance

Sales performance is measured by;

  1. Amount of sales made in either a business day or year. The number of sales should be steadily rising over a while to turn a profit.
  2. losses and gains should are compared through mathematical equations to see variations in sales
  3. The yield over starting business capital is compared to profit made.
  4. number of new customers per day over customers lost
  5. successful calls and replying emails to cold calls and emails not received
  6. the response rate for emails and calls over duration used to contact them
  7. number of new proposals sent and feedback received
  8. New qualified leads and successful breach of new markets
  9. Contract duration over projection and business planning
  10. Customers lost to competitors to new customers gotten.

Errors in Measuring Sales Performance.

This entails tracking of business activities instead of results. It’s not always about the number of emails feedbacks nor cold calls made but the amount of sales reps. Sales productivity does not always equal sales performance.

It is comparing sales performance by competitors who sell different products from yours. It’s even laughable for a car seller to compare his sales rate with a guy who sells airplanes. It’s just not going to work also take into account the sales experience of the other teams. Unfair comparisons only lead to losing business credibility.

Judging a product’s ability to sell by discounts given on it, Salesforce managers should be unbiased in making decisions about overall sales made over small one-time deals.

By focusing on many sales metrics at a go, such as deal size, sales cycles, fresh markets, and closed opportunity, they should be measured separately.

Software for Measuring Sales Performance

Such software platforms include Velocity, Ambition, etc. They are progressive in the delivery of specified data analysis for peak sales performance.

They also reduce a load of individual seller basis through creating listings one at a time instead of bulk listing, a quick reply of business emails, elimination of staff fatigue, and offering pay-as-you-go payment plans.

Platforms such as Canopy close the performance gap through automated activities such as data extraction, protected data recovery, and data breach responsive software.

Canopy is the only platform that facilitates detecting, mining, differentiation, and interpreting unstructured data populations.

It also offers quick email responses, errors, and unnecessary oversights of sales productivity and performance.

Sales Performance Management Software

Sales performance management software and sales performance management software market provide programs to monitor sales performance. They offer smarter administration of business resources hence improving sales of products and services.

This software is used to;

  1. Hiring -it chooses for your competent employees to work in your company.
  2. Sales coaching-sales performance monitoring tool helps administer detailed staff training.
  3. Quota management -equipped with sales performance analysis tools, sales performance metrics, and self-performance monitoring tools, this software makes sure you hit your quota.
  4. Incentive compensation management –the software aligns sales made with quotas set, thereby making better business predictions improving sales motivation and performance.

Sales Performance Management Software Can also Help in the Coaching of the Staff

Such software is consistent in the progressive learning of new data and adaptation to the sales performance management best practices. It provides your company with all the sales performance management tools for significant staff training initiatives.

This builds an effective sales team that close deals fast, boosting revenue.

The software, equipped with accurate based incentives, continuously track employee activities through performance analysis and monitoring. This eliminates the underpayment of individual and team incentives.

With teams’ boosted morale, a sales rep will increase, thereby hitting business goals.

Sales coverage modeling aligns target customers with specified products and services making it easier for the sales performance team to engage with them one on one. This increases sales performance engagement by making teamwork more efficient and reaching business goals.

It tackles the hardest of tasks by gathering scattered data to give meaningful data and give a detailed picture of the way forward. It is more or less the same as staff coaching by doing all the heavy lifting to provide significant information analysis into the sales force team.

Best Sales Engagement Platforms

Are you looking forward to having the best sales component for your sales team? Sales engagement platforms are the solution. Getting the right platform can help to achieve a great impact on the sales team and an effective customer journey. G2 Crowd is among the best engagement platforms to rely on. Other platforms are:


Xactly is a Cloud platform-based performance software. It analyzes sales performance and automates various repetitive tasks.

Cabrera founded it in 2005. Its headquarters are in San Jose, California, United States.

It sells web-based compensation management services and software. It’s priced at a $40 annual subscription.

It is significant in providing sales quota planning and predictive analytics.


It is a developer company for enhancing sales rep and customer services. It’s founders were Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in the year 2006.

It provides software in sales performance management, web analytic survey, social and individual media marketing, and search engine enhancement. The company has introduced personalized modified websites to capture respective target markets.

HubSpot also provides an online academy and consulting services for learning marketing tactics. Moreover, HubSpot academy offers digital and sales marketing training programs.

Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce sales cloud is a software platform offering capabilities that include contact management and marketing automation for all organizations.

Salesforce has different clouds such as cloud sales cloud, data cloud, marketing cloud, community cloud (including chatter), commerce cloud, apps cloud, and analytics cloud with over 100,000 customers.

Marc Benioff and Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez founded Salesforce in 1999.

In 2007, Salesforce launched a Facebook analytic tool for business marketers.

As I saved the best for last, is a revenue leadership Hub. It analyzes and monitors revenue across your team. is a software powered by Augmented Revenue Analysis.

It works through live data monitoring, custom goal tracking, and notifications.

Equipped with powerful software, it eases your forecasting process by analyzing and measuring variance while monitoring your improvement. It also explores scenarios and helps managers take calculated risks to optimize sales reps.

With improved constant tracking, increases productivity through individual assignments and team assignment assessment in real-time.

Augmented Revenue Analysis powers the activities of this platform. analyzes past performance, around trends and risks, reporting in real-time.

All these features in the coach your sales performance team and forecasts your future sales reps by reducing manual analysis. software is equipped with a sales gamification feature that heavily contributes to sales training leading to the achievement of company goals. It helps individual sales reps to remain engaged. The sales performance manager monitors the performance of both individual and company team progress.

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