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Revenue Leadership
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Sales & Revenue Ops
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Enablement & Productivity
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Frontline Sales Manager
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Sales Team Productivity Software

What is Sales Team Productivity and Why is it Important? 

Businesses today have vested interest in your sales team’s productivity. This is a measurement concerning how each member of your team performs when it comes to sales. Only when you know how individual members of your sales team are performing can you identify areas where your sales team, and each member of that team, can improve. 

Among the most important sales tools, companies can invest in are tools that help you track the productivity of your sales team over time and measure improvement on a person by person basis.

You can engage all the marketing tools for sales reps in the world but if you’re not measuring their productivity and progress, your team and your business are missing out on key elements.

It is true that you want to provide certain essential tools for salespeople within your organization. When it comes to sales productivity solutions there are plenty of products on the market that promise results. However, not all sales tools for sales reps are created equal. Some businesses may need specific sales tools for B2B needs or sales tools for startups. 

It is worth taking a little time to search for the perfect sales tools by exploring your options and making sure to include sales tools that measure team productivity as well as the productivity of individual members of your team. 

Why is it important to measure the productivity of your team?

There are many reasons for this. One of the most important, though, is that sales team productivity can help you measure things like engagement, excitement, and job satisfaction of your sales team. The most important factor is attainment. Each seller will take different routes to get to their assigned quotas and targets. Productivity is a measure of how quickly and effectively they reach those targets. Each seller is different and will take unique and different approaches to achieve their goals. Sales productivity tools help to measure this effect and allow teams to identify repeatable processes for the rest of the organization. With the ultimate goal being to drive higher attainment and revenue. 

When many members of your sales team have this level of engagement, excitement, and attainment it means good things for your business. If you have a notable lack of enthusiasm among your sales staff it may be time to address the issue to determine if it’s a work culture issue that could be slowing things down, a need for more sales coaching, a product issue the business needs to address, or a need for additional support for your sales team.

How Can I Track My Sales Team Productivity? 

We live in the information age. An age where data and numbers are everything to many businesses. When you have a business that relies heavily upon a sales team to spell out your success, data can be instrumental in helping you keep your sales team on its toes and delivering for your business day after day.

It isn’t simply having access to the data that matters, though. You need to understand how to use the data to maximize the productivity and individual talents of every member of your sales team. It is important to remember that each member is starting from a unique individual place and will require tailored instruction, coaching, training, and incentives to encourage improvements in their productivity. CRM software alone is not enough to do the trick. Sales productivity tools like sales software systems are among some of the most important sales management tools you can invest in for your sales team.

You might fear a learning curve with sales tools software but many of the digital sales tools available are intuitive to use and require very little in the way of adjustment. Some of them will work in concert with your outbound sales software or include outbound sales software as part of the package. Some software packages include sales tools and techniques you can use to help train and motivate your sales team while boosting sales and building greater revenue for your business at the same time.

Using the right software can help you track your results for your entire team as well as individual members of your sales team. More importantly, it tracks long-term data, allowing you to measure progress when training your team to see which types of training and encouragement work best for specific members of your team and which training methods are wholly ineffective. This lets you avoid wasting time on methods that do not work while focusing your efforts on training methods that work for your sales team.

Free vs. Paid Sales Team Productivity Software 

You will find that mean sales team productivity software products offer both free and paid versions. The free version is designed to give you a small taste of what the products can do for your business. Unfortunately, when you get sales software free, you’re missing out on some of the most important features and benefits these productivity-boosting tools deliver.

Free sales tools certainly have their purposes. They do provide you with an idea of how the software works and whether or not the interface is compatible with your other business software, and even if the team adapts to the interface well at all. Those are all valid and important tools to consider beginning with a sales management software free trial or free version to begin with. In fact, you may want to try several versions of the sales management tools free before deciding which will be best for your business and your sales team.

All you have to do is begin with a sales management software free download to try the product and that allows you some time to go over the details and see if it might be a good fit for your business without risking a contract or paying for services until you’ve decided it’s the right choice for your needs.

However, you can’t get to the meat and potatoes information you really need to build up your sales force until you transition to the paid software which offers many more benefits than free sales tools and software. Among the benefits are the following:

  • Robust sales reporting and improved data.
  • Deep analytics.
  • Point-in-time snapshots you can use to measure progress and results.
  • Individualized reporting for teams and sellers.

That is only the beginning of the benefits you will enjoy when using sales tools software you pay for rather than relying on what is available for free. 

Sales Team Productivity Examples

There are many different types of sales team productivity software on the market today. Each one has specific areas it addresses and some are more effective than others. These are some of the big names in the game when it comes to sales productivity software options.

HubSpot Sales Software

This software is widely used by some large names in many industries including Casio, LegalZoom, and Motley Fool Wealth Management to name a few. It offers a wide range of features including:

  • Full-featured sales CRM.
  • Sales engagement tools.
  • Reports and analysis.
  • Integration with 500 tools available through the HubSpot app marketplace.

Of course, there are more features available for users who pay for the service, but the features are fairly well-rounded.

Sales Force

This CRM platform is being used by large and small businesses alike including many names you may know such as (RED), T-Mobile, and Unilever. People appreciate it because it helps them stay on top of their leads for the entire life cycle of the lead which allows them to deliver better customer support from one unified platform for things like chat, text, phone call, email, and social media. 

Popular features of the Sales Force CRM include:

  • Personalized home page for each rep.
  • Individual performance charts that show progress towards sales goals.
  • Virtual “Assistant” that displays hot leads, opportunity issues, and open tasks.
  • Sales path that allows reps to track their activities and helps them identify what they need to do next.

Despite all this, Sales Force is, at its core, a CRM platform and not a dedicated sales management and support tool.


Pipedrive CRM describes itself as a visual representation of the sales process. It allows your sales team to customize the software for the way each member works and even offers tools to help them establish goals and track their progress. This popular software has been recommended by a number of businesses including TrustPilot, GetApp, and Capterra. Features of Pipedrive include:

  • Mobile apps and integrations.
  • Lead management tools.
  • Communications tracking. 
  • Automation tools for repetitive tasks so your team can focus on sales.

While Pipedrive does have much to offer, it still offers a narrow window of benefits. When compared to other full-service sales management software options.

Canopy is a different type of sales management system that doesn’t force your business to bend to our will or design. Canopy even offers a “no-change” implementation that doesn’t force you into a major learning curve to get started. Among the many benefits of using Canopy to manage your sales team are the following:

  • AI-driven data mapping that doesn’t change anything in your environment.
  • A value-driven pricing structure that has you paying for leaders in your organization rather than each individual sales rep.
  • Weighted sales pipeline analysis for times when opportunities do not translate into sales for your organization.
  • Sales pipeline templates for your business.
  • Customized sales improvement plans.

What makes Canopy different from other sales management software and CRMs is that it goes beyond simply helping you to manage the data concerning your sales team but actively seeks to help you improve your sales team.

Canopy isn’t a simple sales tracking software product. It goes beyond traditional sales management software. In fact, you may find it to be one of the most effective sales efficiency tools on the market today. We certainly believe it is the best sales management software your money can buy. These are a few things you’ll get from Canopy that you won’t get elsewhere.

  • Sales forecast management and reporting.
  • Data-driven analytics and recommendations to help you grow your business.
  • Active deal monitoring to identify which deals show the greater risks so you can act appropriately.
  • Detailed analysis of your full-funnel.
  • Coaching and improvement for the leaders in your business so they can keep your sales team on track and engaged.
  • Solutions that help your sales force make more sales whether you’re engaged in B2B sales, you’re a start-up trying to get your business off the ground, or you’re an established organization seeking new growth opportunities.

Now that you’ve learned a few key details about Canopy and what it can do for your sales team, it is time to take control of your sales by providing your team with new tools and data that will reduce wasted efforts, help members of your team maximize their efforts, help you track results, and improve sales for your entire organization. A sales team that is making sales is one that is engaged, informed, and enthusiastic about your business and that makes a world of difference for your entire organization.

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