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Revenue Leadership
Gain the visibility needed to confidently call your business while keeping your managers focused on what matters most.
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Sales & Revenue Ops
Reduce the manual analysis and focus on the bigger picture. Provide your teams with the answers they need in real-time.
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Enablement & Productivity
Identify the key opportunities for improvement and measure the ROI of every initiative you roll out.
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Frontline Sales Manager
Stop playing from behind and proactively drive every sellers productivity and revenue attainment.
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Business Reporting Platforms

A business reporting platform is a software that gathers information from a number of data sources. It then takes that information and compiles graphs and charts so the user can see what the information actually means. Not only can that help distill significant facts into visuals that make understanding those facts easier, but it can also show trends and changes that should be carefully considered by a business that is looking to move forward, grow its footprint, and reach its customers more consistently.

With the right reporting tools, meaning can be given to many pieces of data. It all depends on the kind of information the company wants from the data. What does the company specifically want to learn from the collected data? Is the data for customer retention, marketing, satisfaction, or something else? By asking the right questions, proper meaning can be attached to the knowledge gained from data collection. That is all made easier by automated systems that make data compilation so much easier than before.

This automated reporting system is a good choice for nearly any business because of the information it provides, and the ease of looking at that information in ways that help the business grow and succeed. With the right report automation tools, spending hours creating reports is a thing of the past. Additionally, there is less of a concern that the reports themselves might not be correct. After all, if the data is inaccurate or not handled the right way, the conclusions in the report will also be inaccurate.

Report automation tools reduce the risk of that. The data is collected, compiled, and displayed, all by the same program. The risk of making incorrect calculations or not using the right data for the right graph or chart is much lower that way, and changes that do need to be made can be made safely because all the data is already there. Reporting tools for SQLmake concerns over inaccuracies much smaller and allow companies to focus on moving forward with the knowledge the collected data gives them.

Why is a Business Reporting Platform Important?

Business reporting platforms are a valuable part of any organization. They give information to managers that would not be readily available otherwise. In turn, those managers use the information to make more informed decisions, so they can guide the company on the right path in the short term and for the long term, as well. How much information the analytics and reporting tools used by a company give to the manager depends on the tools themselves and the kind of information the manager is requesting.

In most cases, managers learn about the audience their company is trying to reach. But it is more than that when carefully considered. The details of that audience are important and significant, and they are much more than just the basic level of demographics that indicate which people might be most likely to purchase the company’s products or services. Any company that needs information about its audience knows that it really is the little details that matter most.

That is even more true as the world changes and becomes more global from a business standpoint. People from all over the world work together now, and they also buy from companies that are not in their geographical area. With proper analytics and reporting tools, managers can use business reporting platforms to see why people purchase from them and what they offer that others may not. They can also see areas where they are falling short, so they can make needed changes based on the data they collect.

By using these platforms, managers have access to knowledge that improves their decision-making abilities. The operational reporting tools show them how the company is doing and where it may be falling short of expectations or needs. There are a number of facets to any company, and simply looking at one or two of them is no more successful than only looking at one or two aspects of the audience. But report automation benefits help to take audience and company operational information into account.

Then that information is examined together and compiled with automated report writing that can tell managers what they need to do next so their company succeeds. It is important to note that automated reporting and business reporting platforms are not a guarantee of business success. But they can help companies see what they might be missing and the types of changes that need to be made in order to improve. It is often those changes that give the company an edge over its competition and help it succeed.

How to Start Using a Business Reporting Platform

For companies that are not yet using a business reporting platform, getting started can feel daunting. That does not have to be the case, though, as there are many open-source reporting tools and other options that will work for nearly any business. Microsoft reporting tools are popular because of the size of the company and the backing behind it. But if a company wants to use another platform there are other options to consider. Not all companies have the same exact needs, although most online reporting tool options do the same types of things. Some have more options than others.

It may seem unlikely that companies would still do their own business reporting in this technological age, but many of them do. This is a time-consuming process, and it can also be inaccurate. Companies that aren’t considering or using the best reporting tools 2020 has to offer are losing out in several ways. They are not getting the full benefit of the technology at their disposal. When considering open-source reporting tools Python is one of the options companies often choose, as well. When a business isn’t sure what to choose, they can explore options based on what they really need.

When looking for software for their reporting tools Tableau and other choices are all better than doing it themselves. Companies that are still not using electronic options are spending a lot of time collecting and compiling data, and frequently being overwhelmed by it. They may also be struggling to reduce inaccuracies. To get started using a business reporting platform, a company would want to choose the one that fits them and also that gives them room to grow in the future. Then they can stop manually reporting and let the software work for them.

Using Software

When companies do the reporting on their own, they ignore all the benefits they could get from the best report writing software and the open-source reporting tools for angular information. If a company wants to report writing software free options exist. That way the company can try out the software and see how it works for them. Then they have the option to choose a paid service. In most cases, though, companies will stay with free reporting tools because they are so easy to use, and they do not require expenses that not all companies can comfortably handle.

There are plenty of options for reporting software free, that will give companies more accurate information and help them reduce the chances of moving their marketing efforts in the wrong direction. For a company that does its own calculations and reporting, it can be all too easy to make an error due to improper collection of the data or simply not having all the facts. But with reporting software, that is no longer a concern. Forecasting what comes next and extrapolating out the data is safer with software that can make all the difficult calculations. For a forecasting software that can be relied on, many companies choose Canopy.


Canopy is a business reporting software, and the only one powered by augmented revenue analysis. As a reporting software, it offers signals that make up the “GPS” of a company. That GPS gives companies the chance to see what will probably be coming next and plan for it accordingly. That ability to stay ahead of risks is extremely important to companies in protecting their teams and their pipeline. Report writing software like Canopy can also provide risk and opportunity identification, real-time notifications, KPI monitoring, custom signal creation, and customizable digests that can be conveniently emailed to those who need to know.

With web reporting tools, Canopy gives companies accurate forecasting through the use of input from all levels of the organization. Understanding the value of sales numbers and focusing on how monitoring can affect sales flow into the future is a large part of what AI for reporting can do. That is the value of Canopy, along with its reporting tools list that can be used by any company to start discovering what it should be doing to increase its success in the future.

The software’s AI models also allow for the most comprehensive view of statistical-driven information in order to ensure processes are established and followed for the future. When companies are committed to strong reporting and focused on what the compiled data and reports tell them, those companies are better able to do more with the information they are given. That means happier companies, happier customers, and a better bottom line. This also allows companies to determine how to reach a bigger audience, and what that audience may want to see from them in the future. Then, a company can focus on building a larger customer base and making adjustments to help their continued success.

Canopy also allows for coaching opportunities, so everyone who is selling to customers can see their strengths and work on their weaknesses. With individual scorecards, measured KPIs, note-taking, and revenue analysis, this reporting software is what companies need to get their information all in one place and then use that information to their largest advantage. When a company is not sure how to move forward or why its efforts are not working the way it hoped for, AI models and software reporting can clear up concerns, get questions answered, and give the company a way to move forward.

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