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Signals act as a revenue team's GPS. Just as GPS monitors the road ahead and notifies you of your next turn or detour, Signals provide revenue teams with the ability to be proactive and stay ahead of risks impacting their pipeline and teams.

Opportunity Risk Identification
Real-Time Notifications
Pipeline Movement & KPI Monitoring
Customizable E-mail Digests
Custom Signal Creation


Accurate forecasting requires input from every level of the sales organization. Canopy combines active deal monitoring, bottoms-up forecasting workflows, and AI & ML driven statistical models to provide the most comprehensive view.

Variance Reporting
Pipeline Snapshots
Process Adherence
Individualized Coverage Reporting
Tailored to Established Processes


Give frontline sales managers the visibility they need to drive revenue. Coach identifies every sellers strengths and weaknesses, measures the KPI’s that matter to your business, and facilitates 1:1’s that drive real quantifiable results.

Individualized Scorecards
Team Level Comparisons
Drive Accountability & Accuracy
Custom KPI Monitoring
1:1 Note Taking


Canopy acts as the “DVR” for your revenue. Revenue Operations teams leverage Analyze for Point-in-Time reporting. By Snapshotting every change across your pipeline Canopy gives you the power to analyze and uncover key insights.

Custom Time Windowing
Advanced Filtering on Any Variable
In-Depth Source Review
Slippage Reporting
Historic Trend Analysis
Stage by Stage Drill Down

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