Software for Sales Managers

Drive 1:1 Coaching & Improvement

Driving true performance improvement begins with identifying the weak points for every seller. Canopy automatically identifies individual strengths and weaknesses. Giving every manager the ability to confidently coach sellers and continuously drive productivity and performance.


Help Your Reps Close More Deals

Individualized Scorecards

Track what matters to your business. Scorecards break down the individual performance metrics, pipeline, and success of every seller on your team. Canopy tailors scorecards to align to the strategic goals of your business. Give your frontline managers the ability to easily monitor the KPI’s and leading indicators that drive revenue growth.

Take Notes, Close the Loop

Change requires accountability. Notes allow managers to track 1:1’s, assign tasks, and track completion. Never let another deal or goal fall through the cracks again.

Track Goals & Monitor Improvement

Canopy’s unique data snapshots give managers the ability to set goals and track progress over time. Set targets, coach to outcomes, level-up your entire team.

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Coaching & Improvement
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