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Ask for Help

by Adam Cuzzort

Leadership is freaking hard. Anyone that tells you it’s easy is either lying or crazy. In sales leadership we are tasked with understanding, motivating, coaching, and risk assessing an ever evolving and changing group of individuals. Half of whom believe they know everything there is to know and the other half can’t make a decision without running it by you. It’s just plain hard. I don’t care if you are a brand new manager or if you have been doing this for thirty years: ASK FOR HELP.

It is very easy to find ourselves in a bubble. Making decisions in a vacuum. Primarily due to the pressure put on leaders to get their teams to quota and achieve the goals assigned to them. We are tasked with coaching sellers but rarely do we receive the coaching ourselves. 

This is where we ask for help, or go find it. Mentors, friends, and colleagues can all provide perspective on our decisions. Find someone, anyone, to be your helper. Decisions are always made better with perspective. Find your coach, mentor, or friend that helps you get better everyday. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make. 

Let’s get better this week!

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