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Brush it off!

by Adam Cuzzort

Starting a company isn’t as glamorous as you may think. I could go into all of the crazy up’s and down’s this wild roller coaster has provided us thus far, but the one thing that hits home the most is rolling up my sleeves, getting back into the individual contributor seat, and cold calling. Yes, if you ever start your own company you are the SDR, Marketing Team, AE, Support Staff, Rev Ops, and that’s just on the GTM front…

What has surprised me most is that even now I still take “not interested” and “unsubscribes” personally. When you believe in what you do you have conviction in the value and a core belief that it will help others. Which immediately makes it personal. What’s even crazier, is that there are hundreds of people who didn’t even take the time to respond and I’m worried about the ones that actually did! 

I’ve had to put my armor back on. Get gritty, and remind myself that none of this is personal to my buyer until I make it personal. None of this is a slight against me, my business, or my effort. I share this because it has been something I’ve reflected on in the past few weeks and if it’s on my mind it’s on your seller’s minds too. They are getting tons of “no’s” right now. Remind them that it’s not personal. Remind them that their efforts will pay off. Remind them that effort and perseverance is what separates good from great. Remind them to brush it off! 

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