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Business Intelligence and You

by Adam Cuzzort

Business Intelligence and You

What is Business Intelligence?

To some, business intelligence is a buzzword that sparks a lot of different emotions. The business world is changing quickly and companies need to do their best to embrace this change. Overall, business intelligence is not something that should be feared. Simply put, it is an application or software that takes data and turns it into information that can be easily understood by the company. This information can help influence business decisions, company spending, or new target markets, just to name a few.

Why Do I Need Business Intelligence?

The business landscape is constantly changing, almost too fast for anyone to keep up with. What is important to people today becomes moot tomorrow. If you try to find and analyze all of the data that business intelligence does, you would have to spend one hundred percent of your time researching just to stay relevant and understand your market. Even though that data could be integral to the success of your company, spending all of that time analyzing data that changes overnight is not justifiable. 

The way business intelligence software flushes through the data almost instantly is the reason why it is so helpful and important to a business of any size. Business intelligence applications or software take out the tedious and sometimes impossible job of analyzing data in a way that is useful for your company. Once you have details about what people are searching for, where there are holes in the market, what people want to see a change in, etc., marketing and selling become much easier with this information.

How Do I Start?

First, start off by thinking about what your company’s needs are. What are you and your employees spending the most time doing? This could be researching the market, answering emails, sales forecasting, keeping an inventory, or anything else that takes a lot of time out of your day. From here, you can start looking for a business intelligence software that fits your needs the best. 

For example, a good place to start for market research is Google Ads. Google Ads has several capabilities like providing the exact search volumes for many keywords. This will allow you to see what people are searching for in your market so you can pivot your business to suit the customer’s needs. 

Another example of business intelligence software is software that helps simplify forecasting data for sales managers. Canopy has created a platform that is powered by Augmented Revenue Analysis to ensure the most accurate and helpful data to sales managers. Canopy’s platform provides sales managers the visibility of each individual sales team member to have a better understanding of where the team is in terms of deals closing and quarterly goals. That is just the beginning of what Canopy can do for sales managers. Request a demo of Canopy and let us show you all of the amazing things our business intelligence software can do!

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