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Coach Like You Run Discovery

by Adam Cuzzort

There are a few key things that we take away from any great discovery call. The most important of which is a mutual alignment on value, clear agreed-upon next steps for both parties, and a next step on the calendar. Do you leave your coaching sessions with these today? 

In any discovery, our primary goal is to ask questions that hopefully uncover pain. Most importantly we need to guide our buyers to identify that pain for themselves and communicate it back to us in their own words. 

Identify areas of improvement and outline your observations. Then pull the thread, ask why, and allow the seller to get there on their own. This level of understanding is how real change happens. No one likes to be told what to do, especially salespeople. Uncover what is holding them back and help them understand it, internalize it, and then recommend how the two of you will improve it. Outline your tasks, what you expect of them, and set a time that you will check back in on the progress. Measurable accountability is what drives true change! 

— The Frontline

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